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Sustainability Club
Affordable Housing 
Development and Finance Club 

The Affordable Housing Development and Finance Club meets bi-weekly to examine cross-jurisdictional projects and current events that run parallel to our coursework. Throughout the year, we hold a range of site visits and host speakers, including for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental perspectives. 

Alex Mendelson

APA Student Representative Committee

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) of the American Planning Association provides a means for students’ interests to be represented within APA and promote student participation in the organization. Events will include 1-2 networking events per semester (i.e. happy hour, something casual and social), an educational tour (i.e. Newtown Creek, Freshkills), and a day of volunteering / community service.

Camille Esquivel
Lorraine Liao


Regardless of the lens through which you will view the development process, ARGUS is a flexible and intuitive development modeling tool employed by investors, developers, brokers, and lenders alike to enhance decision making and drive investor performance. ARGUS club’s goal is to ensure its members will hit the ground running post graduation with a working knowledge of the tool. The club will leverage real estate professionals to help students gain firsthand training with respect to the practical application of the tool in today’s marketplace. Open to all levels!

Felicia Galitsky

Basketball Club 

The Basketball Club is where we release steam and build long term relationships. We continue the tradition of wearing the Fighting Derrington’s jersey and invite all MSRED alumni, MSRED faculty and industry professionals to join us for our weekly friendly games. Just because you’re not the best shooter does not mean we don’t want you with us! We are “an all-inclusive” club and invite all to join us in this great game of friendship . If you would like to join please text us (917-861-1169) so that we can add you to our WhatsApp group. 

Zvi Waldman
Nick Tolsen
Aleksander Hass

Black Student Alliance at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (BSA+GSAPP)
The purpose/mission of BSA+GSAPP is to support the advancement of students who self-identify as members of the African diaspora, to succeed both academically and socially during their tenure at GSAPP and beyond; enabling them to ultimately become a valuable network resource to current and future students after graduation, as alumni. The goal is to provide a community and source of collegial support mechanisms at GSAPP that actively promote the interest of the black students, alumni, and future students. It is also the aim of the organization to provide a platform for the promotion of scholarship and creativity in writing, architecture, design, real estate, finance, urban planning, historic preservation and the allied arts. The organization will also seek to foster dialog and collaboration among black designers both within and beyond Columbia University.
Armon White

CC is a bi-weekly student-run print publication that enables views of GSAPP students to be freely shared.

Please attend CC’s meetings to learn more about contributing to the publication as an editor, graphic designer, writer, web designer, or coordinator. Meetings are open to all Columbia students and collaborations with other student groups and Columbia schools for production methods and content are encouraged.

Douglas Hartig,

Design Development Club

The Design Development Club aims to bring together individuals with a passion for both creative designs as well as real estate development. Design driven development can be used to achieve more holistic developments, better efficiencies, and create unique built environments. Through site visits and interactions with guest speakers from such integrated real estate firms, we look to gain key insights into how they balance the practicalities of development with the conceptual vision for their projects. Tapping into the vast and diverse Columbia University alumni network, we hope to create a platform where like-minded individuals can explore the value of design in real estate, and foster relationships that are conducive to future collaborations. 

Karl Kai-Ho Tsui
Jyotiraditya Shah

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is the home to the GSAPP entrepreneurs community. It seeks to provide a platform for like-minded people to work together on real development projects, entrepreneurial competitions and business plan pitches. Running parallel to these practical components are a series of educational components including panel discussions on topics such as Design-build Development, Raising Capital & VC, Real Estate Proptech and a workshop series on Setting up Your First Company. We also look to collaborate with other entrepreneurial organizations within the larger Columbia community to facilitate communications and synergy.

Zvi Waldman
Baillie Yip
Zinuo Wang

(GSAPP chapter of ArchiteXX)

ArchiteXX is a national women’s organization aimed at bridging the gap between academia and practice. Here at GSAPP, it is an independent, student run organization. We are committed to using the ArchiteXX platform to expand and diversify our communal academic endeavors by injecting the voices of inspiring women who practice in the field of design.

Mayrah Udvardi
Adina Bauman

Hospitality Development Club

The Hospitality Development Club (HDC) represents a diverse network of real estate professionals and students who are bound by a common interest in the hospitality industry. The club engages in thought-provoking and experience-building activities, such as interactive site visits, presentations, and discussions with industry professionals. Through such activities, HDC aims to provide members with a deeper understanding of traditional standards, current trends, and future aspirations of hospitality development.

Taylor Clark
Christian Lemon
Meredith Farahmand
Chester Gala

International Real Estate Club

With International markets becoming more accessible through better connectivity and technology, an understanding of global Real Estate markets could provide lucrative opportunities for future investment. 
The International Real Estate Club aims to assess global investment strategies by gaining a deeper insight into the dynamics of international real estate development and investments. The club will focus on the opportunities, risks, assessment of global trends, investment themes and “making the case” for investing. Through in-depth sessions with expert industry speaker, a diverse alumni network of past and current MSRED students, we will create a platform where students can discuss ideas and share information to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Real Estate globally.

German Morales
Jyotiraditya Shah

Latin GSAPP Association

The organization is to function as a platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas about national, regional, and international planning and design issues in Latin America. The group serves to connect Latin American GSAPP students, faculties and alumni who are interested in sharing their broad and diverse cultural expressions.

For more information, you may contact:
Laura Postarini (M.S. UP ‘19)
Pauline Claramunt (M.S. UP ‘19)
Guilherme Rocha Formicki (M.S. UP ‘19)
Tyrene Calvesbert (M.S. UP ‘19)
German Morales (M.SRED ´19)
Nelson de Jesus (M.Arch ´21)
Carolina Almeida (MAAD ‘19)

We are currently looking for fellow students from other programs to join the Latin GSAPP Association, so please contact us if you are interested! Visit our facebook group for more details.

Program Council

M.ARCH 3rd year:
Daniel Bernal,
Monica Wojnowiak,

M.ARCH 2nd year:
Kate McNamara,
Allison Fricke,

M.ARCH 1st year:
Jiazhen Lin,

Junru Xu,

Lorena Galvao,

Jumanah Maher Abbas,
Amelyn Ng,

M.S. HP:
Whitney Bayers,
Aura Maria Jaramillo,
Laura Garnier,
Caitlin Rudin,

Chaouki El Rassi,
Camille Esquivel,
Pauline Claramunt Torche,

Patrick Wallace,
Vince M Cicchi,

James Samuel Piacetini,

Queer Students of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (QSAPP)

QSAPP (Queer Students of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation) is a student organization that seeks to foster both conversation and community among LGBTQ students, their allies, faculty, and alumni of GSAPP. We actively explore contemporary queer topics and their relationships to the built environment through an engagement with theory and practice.

This year (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), QSAPP is exploring the problem of LGBTQ homeless youth and its intersection with design. We will be publishing a document on the subject in the spring. We will also have an event in the spring semester commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. We welcome all interested students, faculty, and staff to attend our meetings and events and reach out to our organizers for more information!

Gwendolyn Stegall
Ruben Gutierrez
Dalton Baker

Please contact the organizers via email:


Real Estate Private
Equity Club

The Real Estate Private Equity Club at Columbia GSAPP looks to bring private equity industry professionals to students interested in the space. The ultimate goal of the club is to create a conducive environment where students and leaders from the real estate private equity community have the opportunity to network and to exchange ideas. The main objective of The Real Estate Private Equity Club at Columbia GSAPP is to ensure that fellow students have a wider understanding of the real estate finance industry and have better access to career opportunities in the private equity field by bringing in speakers from Mega Funds to Investment Banks to Small Family Investment Firms in NYC. Secondary to that, there will be social events throughout the year to bring together students with similar career interests. 

Vince M Cicchi
Jon Sakakini

Students of Color Association (SOCA)

The GSAPP Students of Color Association (GSAPP-SOCA) seeks to develop and expand the academic, social, and career advancements of students of color in the areas of Architecture, Planning, Preservation, Urban Design, and Real Estate. The group is a safe space for students of color, including people who identify as African-American, Native American, Asian American, Latinx, and Pacific Islander. GSAPP-SOCA aims to foster a network and community with all other forms of diversity, including LGBTQ students, low-income students, and allies.

Facebook Page

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club is a platform for GSAPP students to explore real estate development through the lens of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Delving into topics such as how the natural environment can intersect with urban real estate, as well as how the current technological revolution will play a role in the future of sustainable development, the club provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to examine the current industry, identify resistance points for integrating sustainable elements in real estate, and strategize possible solutions for the evolving industry.

Reia Tong
Ian Nicholson

UP Program Council

The Urban Planning Program Council is composed of a group of planning students elected by their peers, who act as coordinators and communicators between the students and the faculty and administration.

Contact email:

UP Vision

UP Vision is a student led initiative that seeks to facilitate students’ greater involvement in intersectional education and planning by providing an inclusive and alternative space for cultural expression, ethical dialogue and professional development.

We provide service opportunities throughout the year for students to get involved within New York City communities in areas such as housing and food security, healthy living, youth education, and more. All are welcome to participate.

Urban China Network

Urban China Network (UCN) is a student organization founded in May 2013 by a group of Columbia GSAPP students with a strong interest in China’s urban issues. UCN aims to bring students, scholars as well as practitioners from various disciplines in the Greater New York area into the discussion of China’s urbanization, and ultimately to facilitate the communication between cities in China and the U.S.

President: Yudi Liu
Vice Presidents: Lu Hao and Runpeng Zhao
Secretary: Boying Li
Treasurer: Chengqi Tian


URBAN Magazine

URBAN is a magazine created, edited, and published by students of Columbia University GSAPP’s Urban Planning Program. As a forum for discussion among the students, faculty, and alumni of the program and GSAPP, each semester’s publication opens its pages to all realms of urban planning.

Michael Montilla
Tyrene Calvesbert
Laura Postarini

Women of Real Estate Development

The Women in Real Estate Development Club aims to encourage and inspire female leaders in the commercial real estate space. The group educates its members on female industry powerhouses through numerous off campus events. We hope to foster the number of growing women executives in the historically male dominated field by hearing from the females who are personally changing the game. Scheduled speakers include Mary Ann Tighe, Andrea Olshan, and Suri Kasirer. While the group is geared towards female students, we are opening up a variety of sessions to the entire MSRED community so everyone can benefit from our speakers’ wisdom.

Allie Besing
Carly Weinreb

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