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The Affordable Housing Club will examine the multi-faceted issues surrounding socially conscious development in New York City and nationally. We will explore affordable housing from the perspective of the non-profit and private developers, tenants, and relevant governmental organizations in order to create more equitable and just real estate development. We aim to advocate for the construction of new affordable units and ensure that existing housing is safe, healthy, and accessible for all.

Ruo Piao Chen
Andrew Sgro

APA Student Representative Committee

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) of the American Planning Association provides a means for students' interests to be represented within APA and promote student participation in the organization. Events will include 1-2 networking events per semester (i.e. happy hour, something casual and social), an educational tour (i.e. Newtown Creek, Freshkills), and a day of volunteering / community service.

Justin Romeo
Laura Semeraro


Our mission is to build a space for students to engage collectively and critically with the social, economic, and political issues that frame the fields of architecture and development.

Our meetings provide a space for students to bring their ideas and questions. While we often start with a topic of conversation – the Black Lives Matter movement, entrepreneurship, professional ethics, etc. – each meeting is open for students to bring up new issues or projects in which they are interested. Often our agenda includes time for open conversation as well as space for students to present updates and ask for feedback on initiatives on which they have been working.

Julie Pedke

GSAPP XX (GSAPP chapter of ArchiteXX)

ArchiteXX is a national women’s organization aimed at bridging the gap between academia and practice. Here at GSAPP, it is an independent, student run organization. We are committed to using the ArchiteXX platform to expand and diversify our communal academic endeavors by injecting the voices of inspiring women who practice in the field of design.

Ayesha Ghosh,
Saphiya Abu Al-Maati.
A.L. Hu,

Design of Development Club

The goal of the Design of Development club is to educated members of the design and planning process through first-hand perspectives of practicing architects or designers within a development firm. The club will participate in building tours, visit architecture offices, and invite speakers to discuss the practical nature of design strategies through case studies.

Christina Ladd
Henry Antenen
Cora Visnick
Kyle Benventi

Pictured: Rasheed Chalal, Henry Antenen, Sam Barlow
Entrepreneurship club


To share ideas, provide the necessary resources to foster entrepreneurial spirit, and most importantly, inspire you to do what you love.

The club will primarily focus on exploring new ideas in the PropTech space as well as value-add investments. The club will target and analyze real properties throughout the year, the best of which will be pitched to a group of mock investors comprised of alumni and industry professionals. Expert speakers from the PropTech and real estate investment spaces will also be invited throughout the year to share their challenges and success stories.

Rasheed Chahal
Sam Barlow Henry Antenen
Luke Forelle Scott Kocis
Shim Hirsh


The Hospitality Development and Operations Club is a platform for students to investigate operating businesses in hospitality and understand how operational requirements and challenges impact development and investment decisions. Collectively we aim to study companies of all sizes and different business models through exploration of recent market trends, internal presentations among classmates, conversations with professionals and tour existing hotel properties.

Kyle ( and Greg (

Club Leadership:

Ryan H. Fateh; President. Ryan is a native New Yorker and pursued his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, where he studied architectural history. While at Columbia, Ryan worked in the hospitality industry, on various development, design, and management teams. Ryan then pursued his law degree, and he was a real estate attorney before entering Columbia’s MSRED program. He is interested in boutique hospitality development, with a focus on design, lifestyle, and food & beverage. In his free time, Ryan enjoys fitness, cooking, and traveling.

Kevin Chang; Vice President. Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Kevin holds a degree in architecture and has a strong passion for design and planning. Kevin has been exposed to numerous cultures around the world, including Pratt Institute program in Rome, Housing Reconstruction Service in Kenya, and Out of Practice Studio in China and Japan; as such, he has broadened his interpretation of beauty and creativity through travelling. Kevin has worked in an architecture firm, a publication office, and a real estate development firm in Taipei and New York, and these experiences have furthered his understanding of the manipulability of art and architecture as it to be re-represented through various media. Upon graduating from Columbia’s MSRED program, Kevin wants to work for a design oriented development firm focusing on hospitality projects.

Joanna Karavelaki; Vice President. Joanna grew up in Greece and completed her business studies in Cass Business School in London, where she focused on consultancy and entrepreneurship. After working on a hospitality project for a Greek development firm, she decided to pursue a career in real estate and entered Columbia’s MSRED program, where she plans to concentrate on hotel development and investment. She hopes to develop global projects, and with a particular focus on sustainability, wildlife, and lifestyle, and she enjoys travelling and reading in her free time.

John Lyons; Vice President. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, John received his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, he worked as a Project Manager for one of the nation’s leading hospitality construction management firms, Shawmut Design & Construction. John has worked on numerous successful restaurant and hotel projects located in Las Vegas and Boston in estimating, preconstruction management, and project management roles. More recently, John spent one year living in Costa Rica that spurred a passion for resort/hotel development along the booming pacific coast. After graduating from Columbia’s MSRED program, John hopes to work on hospitality developments on an international scale.

Maria Rozenfeld; Vice President. Maria’s academic and work experience spans across global capitals including Moscow, London and New York. Her professional involvement in the hospitality industry has provided an understanding of the nature of the business operations within the luxury hotel sector. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at University of the Arts London and Parsons the New School for Design, Maria worked on a range of residential and commercial projects in New York City. Maria is currently pursuing her degree in Real Estate Development at Columbia University, aspiring to combine her passion for travel, design, and hospitality development through sustainable practices.

Pictured: Abdullah Marafi, Erica Lee, Maria Beatriz Diaz, Alexis Muller Pellerin

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of the highly international class and alumni of the Master of Science in Real Estate Development program at Columbia, the International Real Estate Club is a platform for examining the challenges and opportunities of the global real estate market.

The club’s four main objectives are:

  • Understanding the strategies and objectives of investors, developers, and architects operating in foreign markets.

  • Learning the procedures, methods, and limitations of entry and daily operations in respect to the unique cultures, legislations, and corporate policies in various locations.

  • Providing a forum for students and professionals in the field of real estate throughout the world to interact and share ideas.

  • Enabling the Student Body to think and learn globally through student presentations.

Alexis Muller Pellerin,

Planning Student Organization (PSO)

The Planning Student Organization (PSO) at Columbia's GSAPP is a student-run organization that works to build a strong Urban Planning community among alumni, current students, and prospective students through academic events, social events, and by providing information about job and internship opportunities. PSO is driven by current UP students and looks to engage the entire program in an enriching academic community during their time at GSAPP and to build and maintain our alumni network.

Contact email:

URBAN is a magazine created, edited, and published by students of Columbia University GSAPP's Urban Planning Program. As a forum for discussion among the students, faculty, and alumni of the program and GSAPP, each semester's publication opens its pages to all realms of urban planning.

Our objective is to concretize the material we learn in this program by bringing in industry professionals to discuss their perspectives on their subsector within the broader real estate private equity landscape. Private equity is a critical component of the real estate sector and we would like to use this club as an open forum to explore and educate ourselves in this ever evolving profession.

Please feel free to contact us:

Pictured: Shim Hirsch, Brandon Perrotta
Program Council

M.ARCH 3rd year:
Abraham Murrell,
Alexis Oppenheimer,

M.ARCH 2nd year:
Daniel Bernal,
Gin Jin,

M.ARCH 1st year:
Kate McNamara,
Allison Fricke,

Ziqing Nie ,

Ban Edilbi,

Jarrett Le,
Amelyn Ng,

M.S. HP:
Andre Paul Jauregui,
Jane Kang,
Aura Maria Jaramillo,

Nicholas Johannes,
Whigham Covington,
Rebecca Noble,
Chaouki El Rassi,

Henry Antenen,

James Samuel Piacetini,


The Public Speaking Club’s mission is to provide a forum for students to practice and hone a critical skill need for their futures as Developers and Investors. Members of the club will practice delivering and critiquing pitches in front of their peers, while strengthening their individual leadership skills. Fun and stimulating discussions of current industry topics will provide a basis for student members to reach their public speaking potential doing justice to the messages they work so hard to produce.

Doug Amarhanow

UP Program Council

The Urban Planning Program Council is composed of a group of planning students elected by their peers, who act as coordinators and communicators between the students and the faculty and administration.

Contact email:

Students of Color Association (SOCA)

The GSAPP Students of Color Association (GSAPP-SOCA) seeks to develop and expand the academic, social, and career advancements of students of color in the areas of Architecture, Planning, Preservation, Urban Design, and Real Estate. The group is a safe space for students of color, including people who identify as African-American, Native American, Asian American, Latinx, and Pacific Islander. GSAPP-SOCA aims to foster a network and community with all other forms of diversity, including LGBTQ students, low-income students, and allies.

Facebook Page

Queer Students of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (QSAPP)

QSAPP is a student organization that seeks to foster both conversation and community among LGBTQ students, their allies, faculty, and alumni of GSAPP.

Jarrett Ley
A.L. Hu
Michael Storm


UP Vision

UP Vision is a student led initiative that seeks to facilitate students' greater involvement in intersectional education and planning by providing an inclusive and alternative space for cultural expression, ethical dialogue and professional development.

We provide service opportunities throughout the year for students to get involved within New York City communities in areas such as housing and food security, healthy living, youth education, and more. All are welcome to participate.

Stephanie Chan
Faraz Butte

Urban China Network

Urban China Network (UCN) is a student organization founded in May 2013 by a group of Columbia GSAPP students with a strong interest in China's urban issues. UCN aims to bring students, scholars as well as practitioners from various disciplines in the Greater New York area into the discussion of China’s urbanization, and ultimately to facilitate the communication between cities in China and the U.S.

President: Sheng-Yi Xu
Vice Presidents: Jiaohong Du and Ruoran Lin
Secretary: Lingran Meng
Treasurer: Hui Liu



The Women of Real Estate Development Club was initiated to provide a platform for women to unite, collaborate, and strengthen their position in the real estate industry. By participating in networking events, speaker panels, and social outings, the club aims to inform and advance the members of the group in their profession of choice. The club additionally stands to enhance the community, promote the presence of Columbia, and support the endeavors of each student.

Maria Rozenfeld,

First row: Upasana Chandra, Antong Liu, Adrianne Glascock, Madeleine Marie Mallovy Hicks, Nicole Catherine Gayda, Seyma Ayse Cevahir, Leining Lu, Ellie Wang, Akiko Nakatani
Second row: Alexis Campbell, Wanjing Xiao, Sara Zhou, Disha Grover, Siyu Tong, Bridget Browning Wilcox, Lanxuan Liu, Somer Galal, Rose Wuwei, Maibi Carolina Rojas, Anosha Zanjani (Public Outreach Leader)
Third Row: Amanda Moses, Maria Rozenfeld, Ruby Kim, Ravida Charntanawet, Wanting Ye, Joanna Karavelaki, Maria Beatriz Diaz, Vidhi Govind Advani , Christina Chao
Not pictured: Ashita Mahendra Gala
Wred group photo