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GSAPP Conversations offer a window onto the expanding field of contemporary architectural practice through discussions on the current projects, research, and obsessions of a diverse group of invited guests from emerging and well-established practices. Hosted by Columbia GSAPP’s Dean Amale Andraos, the conversations also feature the School’s influential faculty and alumni, and give students the opportunity to engage architects on issues of concern to the next generation.
24 March 2017
GSAPP Conversations: Carlos Bayod Lucini and Adam Lowe

Episode #5
Carlos Bayod Lucini and Adam Lowe in conversation with Jorge Otero-Pailos

Jorge Otero-Pailos, Director of Columbia GSAPP’s Historic Preservation Program, speaks with Carlos Bayod Lucini and Adam Lowe of Factum Arte. Based in Madrid, London and Milan, Factum Arte was founded by Lowe and has become internationally renowned for setting new standards in digital documentation and redefining the relationship between originality and authenticity. Lowe and Bayod Lucini jointly taught an advanced studio in Historic Preservation at Columbia GSAPP in the Fall of 2016, which involved the documentation of the medieval church of San Baudelio de Berlanga in Spain, as well as some of its paintings in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Cloisters.

They discuss the need for teaching students not only practical skills but also a conceptual understanding of how new technologies can be applied, the importance of recording of artefacts during times of peace, and Factum Arte’s work in creating of the first high resolution digital record of the Tomb of Seti I in Luxor, Egypt:
"...the Valley of the Kings was designed to last forever, but never to be visited..."
– Adam Lowe

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16 March 2017
GSAPP Conversations: Christian Kerez

Episode #4
Christian Kerez in conversation with Ayesha Ghosh

3rd-year Master of Architecture student Ayesha Ghosh speaks with Swiss architect Christian Kerez, who delivered the opening lecture of Columbia GSAPP's Spring 2017 Semester. Kerez's recent projects include Incidental Space at the Swiss Pavillion of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, an amorphous structure which raised questions of the limits of imagination and technical feasibility in architecture today.

"We did more than 300 models to really come up with this one. And the criteria - the ultimate criteria - for selecting the one and only model that would be scaled and later on built in Venice was that it had strangeness as a major quality."
- Christian Kerez on Incidental Space

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10 March 2017
GSAPP Conversations 3 cover

Episode #3
Sharon Sutton in conversation with Mabel O. Wilson

Columbia GSAPP Associate Professor Mabel O. Wilson (M.Arch '91) speaks with Sharon Sutton (M.Arch '73) about the publication of her new book, When Ivory Towers Were Black, which tells the story of how an unparalleled cohort of ethnic minority students earned degrees from Columbia University’s School of Architecture during a time of fierce struggles to open the ivory tower to ethnic minority students. A book launch and discussion was held at Columbia GSAPP on February 23, 2017.

"Social justice in this case is occurring on two levels: the one is opening up the elite professions to historically marginalized students; the other is using institutional resources to improve historically marginalized populations. And that has been my life agenda."
- Sharon Sutton

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3 March 2017
GSAPP Conversations 2 large.jpg

Episode #2
Juan Herreros in conversation with Amale Andraos

In this second episode of GSAPP Conversations, Dean Amale Andraos speaks with Spanish architect and GSAPP Professor Juan Herreros about the relationship between teaching and practicing architecture, and how Herreros has carefully designed a particular way of working globally. Herreros, who co-founded Abalos&Herreros in 1984 and currently leads estudioHerreros, gives insight into how working sensitively in foreign settings also helps to develop a robust local practice, and how he is bringing new models of emerging practices to his students in GSAPP’s Advanced Architecture Studios.

"...the students want to know how to establish a practice. And I think we have to stop that question and say, no—the question is not how to establish. The question is why establish, for what, and what is the design of the practice you want to start?"
- Juan Herreros

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24 February 2017
GSAPP Conversations Episode 1

Episode #1
Exhibition Models with James Taylor-Foster

Based on a collection of conversations recorded in Avery Hall at a conference entitled Exhibition Models: Curating Architecture, and at the CCA in Montréal, this podcast—written and produced by James Taylor-Foster—considers the format, role, and impact of the architectural exhibition in different settings, ranging from established institutions to project-based Biennale and Triennale.

Featuring GSAPP Dean Amale Andraos alongside Giovanna Borasi (Chief Curator, CCA), Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University School of Architecture), Beatrice Galilee (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), GSAPP faculty Andrés Jaque (Office for Political Innovation), Sylvia Lavin (UCLA), Iván López Munuera (2016 Istanbul Design Biennale), André Tavares (Chief Curator, 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennale), GSAPP alumna Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut / After Belonging Agency), and Mirko Zardini (Director, CCA).

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Upcoming Episodes

31 March 2017
GSAPP Conversations: Peter Cook

Episode #6
Peter Cook in Conversation with Jarrett Ley

GSAPP Conversations are produced by Columbia GSAPP’s Office of Communications and Events, in collaboration with ArchDaily.