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Critical Essays on Architecture
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It’s cold here in New York, but wherever you are, ’tis the season to cozy up with some critical essays on architecture! In issue 28 of the Avery Review, Nicholas Gamso responds to Bansky’s appropriation of Basquiat; Sarah Hirschman visits Columbus and watches Columbus; Albert José-Antonio López asks for whom LACMA’s Found in Translation is translated; and Samaneh Moafi investigates Kayson Inc.’s production of housing in Iran, Venezuela, and Iraq.

As a last reminder, submissions for the inaugural Avery Review Essay Prize are due on January 31—details on our website. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you’ll continue to share it widely with eligible students and recent graduates.

A Kayson Settlement in Venezuela. Courtesy of Kayson; from “Their Buildings, Not Bombs, Not Missiles” by Samaneh Moafi.
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