CNC Machine


The shop has several 3-axis CNC routers and a CNC plasma cutter. In order to use this equipment, students must attend a CNC Tutorial and complete a short assignment. Students who complete these steps will be added to the list of approved CNC equipment users.

CNC tutorial times are listed on the shop schedule. They tend to take about an hour, and the assignment also takes about an hour, but can be done anytime after the tutorial. View the updated CNC Machinery Policy

Once a student is CNC certified, they can sign up for time on the CNC equipment. To sign up, complete your tool paths and bring the file to the shop during open hours. A monitor will then check for accuracy and preprocess the file to determine the run time. Once completed, the monitor can then add you to the CNC Machine Schedule.

Use Policy
  • Slots are booked only by shop monitors, on behalf of students, after file review.
  • A student may book up to four hours consecutively.
  • During heavy use periods, students may be limited to booking at most two of these four-hour appointments per week, booked on non-consecutive days.
  • A booked student will abandon his/her/their appointment if arriving +15 mins late.
  • Stand-by use of the machine is on a day-to-day basis. Students with completed files will be made aware of empty or open slots by the monitors at the time of file review. Do not rely on stand-by use of the machine.
  • Always allow a monitor to "press Go" or start your file.
Things to Consider
  • Your file review needs to take place in person in the shop. This meeting will serve as a check that your files are ready and a quick design review for best use of the machine.
  • Plan ahead! It will often be difficult to book less than a whole day in advance. Get your files right the first time, and book well ahead!
Required Training
  1. CNC routers require the completion of an Intro Walkthrough Tutorial. Download and follow this tutorial to create your own RhinoCAM file.

  2. Bring that file to the SHOP and ask a monitor to assist you in running the mill.

  3. Upon successful cutting of the intro tutorial file, you are given a CNC sticker.

  4. You may now book time on the CNCs.

  5. Follow the Starting 3D Tutorial to learn full three-dimensional file setup

  6. Bring your completed RhinoCAM files to a lab monitor for review.

  7. Upon approval, book time on the available CNC router.

CNC Booking Schedule
Fall 2018 Schedule

To book time on the CNC, bring your complete RhinoCAM files to the Fab Lab.

Material choice is an integral part of the design process that should be considered carefully before fabrication begins. The CNC routers in the shop have the capability to mill a wide variety of materials (with the exception of rubber, glass, and ferrous metals). Common materials to mill include wood and foam, but experimentation is encouraged. Below is a list of places to obtain material.

This online store carries a wide array of tools, supplies, and raw materials. Generally, a great resource for anything from Pet G to office supplies. Usually delivers within two days.
Please note that most end mills can be found on McMaster Carr here.
Visit the Hardware section for more information on end mills.

Canal Plastics Center
345 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 925-1666
For your plastic needs. Relatively inexpensive acrylic, styrene, etc.

T&T Plastic Land Inc.
315 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 925-6376
Another great resource for various plastics.

Walker Supply
61 Walker St
New York, NY 10013-3513
(212) 226-5554
A general use hardware store with a wide supply of insulation foam. Call ahead of time to confirm they have the desired size.

Metropolitan Lumber
617 11th Ave
New York , NY 10036
Phone: 212-246-9090

AJO Home & Lumber Depot
610 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
(212) 580-8080

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