Fitch Colloquium
Ex-Situ: On Moving Monuments

Fri, Oct 27    9:30am

Fitch Colloquium
Ex-Situ: On Moving Monuments

The act of moving historical buildings to new locations has been part and parcel of modern preservation practice since its origins in the early 19th century, when fragments of some of the great monuments of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Egypt were relocated to Europe. Although the practice never quite stopped, 20th century preservationists demoted it to a preservation solution of last resort. Today, various external pressures, from rising sea levels to economic pressure, are making preservationists reconsider the practice of ex-situ preservation.

As a result, a new critical engagement with preservation’s colonial history is emerging. Core concepts, such as the primacy of context, are being reconsidered. Fundamental practices such as the archiving of architectural fragments are being redefined. And new technologies are being developed. The 2017 Fitch Colloquium will examine these and other emerging philosophical, social, technical and environmental questions raised by moving buildings.

Free and open to the public.
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Can Bilsel, Professor, University of San Diego
Mary Ellen Carroll, Artist, MEC, studios
Mari Lending, Professor, Oslo School of Architecture
Alexander Levi, Co-Founding Principal, SLO Architecture
Krister Lindstedt, Lead Architect, White Arkitekter
Anthony Mazzo, President, Urban Foundation/Engineering
Ryan Mendoza, Artist
Janet Parks, Curator and Archivist
Amanda Schachter, Co-Founding Principal, SLO Architecture
Constance Silver
Dean Sully, Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator, University College London Institute of Archaeology
Mabel O. Wilson, Professor, Columbia GSAPP

Organized by Jorge Otero-Pailos, Director, Historic Preservation Program, Columbia GSAPP