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M.S. HP Theses

A thesis is a requirement for graduation in the Historic Preservation Program. It is original and independent work, designed to showcase a capacity to research, analyze, and present material on a topic relevant to the discipline.

Theses produced in recent years by graduates of the Historic Preservation Program are listed below. Theses produced prior to 2012 include the title and abstract for each thesis; these titles are housed in Special Collections, Avery Library, and may be requested through Avery Library. Theses produced since 2012 are available digitally through Columbia University Academic Commons, the University’s digital research repository. Graduating students have the option of deferring the publication of their thesis on Academic Commons for up to two years and therefore not all theses from the past two years may be available.

Alumni who are interested in posting their thesis to the online repository, Academic Commons, should submit a completed Author Rights Agreement form, and a digital version of their thesis following the Digital Thesis Guidelines to the Historic Preservation Office at hp@arch.columbia.edu.

2015 Theses

Diana Araujo

Local and International Dynamics in Historic Cities: Understanding the Influence of UNESCO World Heritage Designation on Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador

Prashant Banerjee

Finding workable solutions to the issues adversely affecting the preservation of built cultural heritage in India

Manqing Cao

A Comparative Study of Traditional Jointing Techniques of Vernacular Timber Framings in New England, America and Jiangnan, China and Some Applications Conservation Practice

*Alexander Corey

Third Sector Acquisition of Surplus Federal Heritage Buildings in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities

Lindsay Dobrovolny

Current Trends In Spectral Reflectance Imaging Techniques: A Qualitative Approach to the Investigation and Documentation of Building Materials

Corinne Engelbert

A Contradiction in Terms: New York City’s No-Style Buildings

*Elizabeth Fagan

Building Walls of Light: The Development of Glass Block and Its Influence on American Architecture in the 1930s

Angel Castillo Garcia

Derivative Design: A New Approach for an Organic Growth of Historic Usonian Houses

Kathryn Gardner

A Bitter Truth: Astringent Persimmon as a Bio‐alternative to Standard Wood Preservation Treatments

Suki Gershenhorn

History and Materiality of Rustic Ferrocement Sculptures

Laura Groves

Is There a Role for Preservation Planning in a Favela?

Rachel Levy

Contextual Zoning as a Preservation Planning Tool in New York City

*Olimpia Lira

Contemporary Reconstruction: Celebrating Destruction in the Basilica of El Salvador

2014 Theses
2013 Theses
2012 Theses

Anthony Baragona

Neo-traditional, volcanic pozzolan-lime mortars for the repair of historic structures

Kelly Carroll (Dual UP)

Preserving North Carolina’s Last Textile Landscape: The Case for Henry River Mill Village

Alison Chiu

The Evolution of the Weep-Hole

*Jorgen Cleemann

The Kiln in the Garden: Damariscotta River Brick Making and the Traces of Maine’s Agro-Industrial Past

Peter Harper

On Never Mistaking Culture For An End: The Influence Of Cultural Aesthetics In Architectural Conservation

Heather Hartshorn

Dolomitic Lime Mortars: Carbonation Complications and Susceptibility to Acidic Sulfates

Matthew Kuhnert

Building Community in Kleindeutschland: The Role of German Immigration in Shaping New York City’s Seventeenth Ward

Alison LaFever

Rethinking Industrial Heritage: A Discussion of the Preservation of Compromised and Contested Cultural Landscapes in Butte, Montana

Kayla Loveman

In Situ Deacidification of Vernacular Wallpaper

Emma Marconi

American Decorative Stenciling: 1840 to 1940

*Elyse Marks

The World War II Defense Housing Community of Aero Acres: Case Study for the Future Preservation of Historic Planned Suburban Communities

Michael Marsh

Reconfiguring Montcalm Farm: A Prototype for a New Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Preserving Rural Architecture

Andrew Maziarski

A City, Asleep: Revisiting and Reevaluation History and Interpretation at Mesa Verde National Park

Esther Mittelman

The Old World, the New World, and the World to Come: Interpreting Bayside Cemetery

Kett Murphy

Form / Counter(re)Form : Additions to Mid-Century Modern Buildings in New York

Lauren Ortega

The Rise of the Mall

Asuka Ogawa

Sister City as a Preservation Strategy

Emily Piper

Navigating the Post-Disaster Landscape: Historic Preservation and Recovery in Three New Orleans Neighborhoods

*Adam Poole

The Patrimonialization of Old Montreal or, Preserving a Monument, a Cultural Resource, and a Heritage Space for the Modern Metropolis

Susie Ranney

Beyond Boutiques and Cast Iron: The Significance, Legacy, and Preservation of the Pioneering Artist Community’s Cultural Heritage

Lauren Racusin (Dual UP)

Locked In: the Silent Siege of Dubrovnik by the Tourism Industry

Sarah Ripple

The Evolution of Modern Thin Stone Veneer Systems: 1950-1980

*Julie Rosen

Early Twentieth Century “Face Brick” as a National Industry

Sarah Rosenblatt

The History of Terra-Cotta Glaze-Fit Testing and Artificial Weathering Methodologies and a Comparative Testing Program of their Impact on Glaze Failure

Kaity Ryan

Preserving Postmodern Architecture and The Legacy of Charles W. Moore

*Rebecca Saldago

Rebuilding the Network: Interpretation of World War II Prisoner-Of-War Camps in the United States

*Myun Song

Wireless Corrosion Monitoring for Reinforced Concrete Structures and Concrete Repair

Michelle Taylor

The Commuter’s Cathedral: An Examination of the George Washington Bridge Bus Station

Tatum Taylor

Concealed Certainty and Undeniable Conjecture: Interpreting Marginalized Heritage

*Peter Watson

Picturesque Transformations: A.J. Davis in the Hudson Valley and Beyond

Kerensa Wood (Dual UP)

Architecture of Compromise: A History and Evaluation of Facadism in Washington, DC

2011 Theses

Ashley Albahary

The Work of a New York City Vernacular Architect: Horace Ginsbern’s Apartment Houses in the West Bronx and Upper Manhattan, 1930-1940

Reba Ashby

Roadside Architecture as Innovation in Concrete Technology

*David Ault

Remembering the Newark Riot: Preserving the Sites of an Urban Rebellion

Angela Curmi

Non-Destructive Investigation Of Concealed Gilding In Architecture

Emilie C. Evans

Historic Preservation in Shrinking Cities: Neighborhood Strategies for Buffalo and Cleveland

*Lauren Wallis Hall

The Manhattan Taxpayer Building: Symbol of Decline and Catalyst for Change

Brandi Hayes

Determining the Suitability of a Replacement Savannah Grey Brick

Zachary Robinson Lifton

Community Engagement as Preservation Strategy: Establishing a Future for the Stewart Park Carousel in Ithaca, New York

Katherine Malishewsky

When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday: Redesigning for Epcot’s ‘Living blueprint for the Future’

*Sarah Modiano

Magical Mosaics: Preserving Isaiah Zagar’s Philadelphia Art Environment

Mary Nastasi

You Can’t Fight City Hall: Recontexualizing and Reinterpreting Boston’s Modern Concrete Heritage

Jessie Noda

Roman Catholic Architecture in Queens, NY.

Lorena Perez Leighton

Houses Like Fords: Preserving Metal Fabricated Mass-Produced Houses

Yuan Ren

Interpreting America’s First Residential Garages: A Case Study of Frank Lloyd Wright House Museums

*Sarah Sher

Marcel Breuer’s “Patina”: the Aging-Value of Anticipated Soiling on Brutalist Concrete

Amy Swift

The Toxicology of Copper and Its Implications for Preservation

*Christina Varvi

What Lies Beneath?: Non-Destructive Investigation of Hidden Finishes Using Infrared Technologies

S. Caitlin von Hedemann

Cleaning Biological Growth On Stone: A Study Of Current Cleaners

Neela Wickremesinghe

Smith College, Preservation and Interpretation of Gendered Space

2010 Theses

*Ioannis Avramides

Whitney Warren, Preservationist at War: How the Great War Shaped the Origins of Private International Preservation

*Benjamin Baccash

Enforcement and the New York City Landmarks Law: Past, Present, and Future

Gillian Connell

Preserving Early 20th Century Lakefront Communities: Impetus and Strategy

*Justin P. Greenawalt

Pittsburgh’s East Liberty Project: Preserving the Artifacts of the Urban Renewal Era

Katherine Husband

Modernism for the Middle Class: The Significance of the Manhattan White Brick Apartment Buildings: 1950 to 1966

*Allison Lyons

The Preservation of Trinity Churchyard

Laura Michela

Fatigue Behavior of Adhesives for the Repair of Marble

Lisa Michela

In Pursuit of the Monumental: An Adaptive Reuse Proposal for Michigan Central Station

Dong Min Park

Learning from Sedgwick Houses: The Significance of the Unremembered Postwar Public Housing Project in New York City

Thomas E. Rinaldi

A Strategy to Preserve the S.S. United States

Susan Shay

Cultural Landscape in Hawai'i

Catherine L. Smith

Lasers and Conservation In The United States: An Exploration of The Limited Use Of Laser Technology For Cleaning Stone

Barbara Zay

The Preservation of a Turn-of-the-Century Waterfront Enclave: Byram Shore, Connecticut

2009 Theses

Catherine M. Albert

Original Wooden Double-Hung Sash Windows On Historic New York City Residential Buildings

*Brett Dorfman

Architecture and Urban Education Reform: The Significance of Harlem Public Schools, 1954-1970

Xsusha Carlyann Flandro

Glazed And Confused: Exposing The Mysteries Of Glazed Architectural Terra Cotta

**Christine Huh

The Bush Terminal Model Lofts And Early Reinforced Concrete Buildings On Brooklyn’s Waterfront: Their Significance As Industrial Heritage

*Negin Maleki

A Future For Shotor Galoo: Conservation Planning For Historic Royal Gardens, Parks And Pavilions In Iran

Lindsay McCook

Modernism In New Orleans: The Architecture Of Albert Ledner

Julie Hunter Palmer

Public Parks, Private Power: A Critical Analysis Of Public-Private Partnerships In New York City

Tara Rasheed

From Bridge To Building: Development Of Steel Cable Roof Structures

William F.P. Raynolds

Finding A Needle In A Very Large Park: Reconsidering The Significance Of The New York Obelisk

Marianne Sarango

Archaeological Site Management In Peru: The Case Of Choquequirao

*Jennifer Schork

Evaluation Of The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Dolomitic Lime Mortar

*Caroline Stephenson

Preserving The First New Town-In Town: A Case For Ralph Rapson’s Cedar-Riverside

Janine Wilkosz

Preserving Early Chicago Public Housing: Julia C. Lathrop Homes And Leclaire Courts

2008 Theses

Andrea Buono

Adhesives For Marble And Their Creep Behavior

Lacey Bubnash

Dalle De Verre / Faceted Glass: New Approaches To A Modern Material

Amanda Crawley

America’s Aging Shopping Centers As Potential Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Projects: An Evaluation Of And Financial Project Feasibility

John Gomez

A History And Analysis Of Ralph Adams Cram’s Seminal Spanish Gothic Masterwork

Richard G. Handler

Federal Policies Toward Reconstructions Of Vanished Properties

Amanda Kainer

Preservation Easements: A Legal Mechanism For Protecting Modern Residential Interior Architecture

Allyson Mehley

Preserving The North Light: Boston’s Early Artist Studio Buildings

*Erica Morasset

Cleaning Historic Building Interiors: The Question Of Residue Using Arte Mundit Cleaning Paste And The Historic Precedent For Adaptive Use

Christina Muir

Evaluation Of Pinning Materials For Marble Repair

*Elizabeth Ann Olson

Timeless Preservation: Incorporating The Recent Past Into The Future Of Historic Preservation

*Cristiana Pena

From The Ground Up: Oral History And The Interpretation Of Le Havre, France

*Faisal Ali Rajpur

Watering The Thirsty: Preserving The Sabils Of Historic Cairo

*Aliza Ross

Dormant Smokestacks And Silent Turbines: The Adaptive Reuse Of Early To Mid-Twentieth Century Power Stations

Polly Seddon

Farm To Table: Developing A New Historic Preservation Paradigm For Working Farmsteads

Carlos Huber Suchowiecky

The Framing Of Patronage In Mexico City’s Historic Center: Project For The Centro Historico Foundation In The Ex-Royal Convent Of Jesus Maria

Sara Jean Taylor

Underground Stations Od The New York City Subway System: Recommendations For Preservation And Maintenance

Pepper Watkins

The Historic Access Corridors Of Virginia: Assessing A Hybrid Tool And Its Relationship With Preservation

2007 Theses

Peter Anderson

The Architecture Of Interpretation: Louise Kahn’s Trenton Bathhouse

Avigail Appelbaum Charnov

Dust To Dust: A Comparative Look At The Methods Used To Preserve Then Earthen Sites In The United States And Mexico

*Christopher Brazee

Preservation On Island: How Historic Preservation Can Promote The Vitality Of Maine’s Island Communities

Laura Elizabeth Brown

Allison Walton Chambers

Reviving Historic Architecture Through Redevelopment: An Adaptive Reuse Proposal For The Former Childs Restaurant Building On Coney Island, New York

Diane Defazio

Like Blood To The Veins: Escalators, Their History, And The Making Of The Modern World

*Toni DiMaggio

Preserving Public Housing In Post-Katrina New Orleans

Abbie Hurlbut

The Catalyst For Revitalization: A Study Of The Adaptive Reuse Of Railroad Depots In Iowa

*Mersedeh Jorjani

An Evaluation Of Adhesives Used For Marble Repair

*Iris Kashman

Protecting The “Enemy’s” Heritage: How Can The Bayarat Houses Of Jaffa Be Preserved?

*Olivia Taylor Klose

Putting Colleges And Universities To The Test: Preserving Postwar Dormitories In Contemporary Context

Chian-Ju Ku

Re-Powering The Working Waterfront: A Design Strategy For Hastings-On-Hudson, New York

Cleary Larkin

Connecting The Edge: A Study Of Tribeca’s Upland Patterns As Preservation In Waterfront Development

Katherine Longfield

In The Name Of Wilderness: The Preservation Polemic In Federally Designated Wilderness Areas

Lurita McIntosh

Ethyl Silicate As An Alternative Binder For Grout And Mortar For Use With American Sandstones

Kathryn Maureen McLaughlin

What We Do And Who We Are: Impacts Of The Tribal Historic Preservation Program

Marissa Marvelli

Preservation On 125Th Street: Culture, Economics, And Politics

Lindsay Miller

Whose Park Is It Anyway? The Evolution Of Preservation Advocacy . Case Study: Washington Square Park

*Lisa Jean Mroszczyk

The Case For Coalwood, WV: Historic Preservation And Economic Development In Appalachian Coal Mining Towns

Ana Beatriz del Rosario Linares Munoz

Ruin Revival In Antigua, Guatemala: The Interpretation, Integration And Adaptive Reuse Of A Fallen Eighteenth Century Masterpiece

Caroline Pasion

Preserving The Beachside Bungalows In Far Rockaway

Justine Posluszny

Modern Appropriation Of An Historic Material: How Decorative Plaster Did And Did Not Change, 1870-1930

Megan Rispoli

Preserving The ‘Diocese Of Immigrants’: Strategies for the Continued Use of Brooklyn’s Historic Catholic Churches

*Lindsey A. Schweinberg

Low Memorial Library: An Argument For The Restitution Of Lived Experience

*Pat Seeumpornroj

Preservation Of The Inner City Waterfront: The Future Of The Gowanus Canal

Amanda Stauffer

Assessing The Viability Of A Salvage Program For New Orleans In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina

2006 Theses

*Sara Elizabeth Adams

Physical And Intangible Palimpsest: Making A Case For Graffiti Preservation

Katherine Allen

The Kirkbride Plan For Mental Health Care And Architecture: Historical Review With Case Studies Of Adaptive Reuse

Carly Bond

Lincrusta-Walton: History Of A Versatile Embossed Wallcovering

Karyntha Cadogan

Traditional Building Crafts Education: A Plan In Progress

Julie J. Cridland

Frank Lloyd Wright And The Cantilever: Preserving Significance Of An Architect, His Innovation, And Achieving The Organic

*Amanda Davis

Bottom Of The Ninth For Yankee Stadium: How Historic Preservation Failed To Fight For Baseball’s Most Hallowed Ground

Heidi Anne Druckemiller

Can Asmara Be Preserved? Questions And Challenges Facing The Future Of Modern Italian Colonial Architecture In The Capital Of Eritrea

*Manami Kamikawa

Historic Preservation In Urban Ethnic Enclaves: Four Chinatown Case Studies

Tellina Liu

Creating Form From Structure In The Adaptive Reuse And Addition To Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center

*Benjamin Luke Marcus

Last One In: Community, Conflict And The Preservation Of Mccarren Park Pool

Shirley Morillo

Historic Preservation And The Changing Face Of Large-Scale Redevelopment Projects In New York City: An Analysis Of The Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Project

Margaret C. Oldfather

Sustainable Preservation: Leading Beyond Leedtm

*Craig Oleszewski

Calcium Bicarbonate As A Consolidation Material For Calcareous Stone

Vincent Paul Ortiz

Evolution Of Cultural Heritage Conservation In The United States And The Conservation Of Traditional Cultural Significance At An Ethnic Living Heritage Site In Northern New Mexico: El Santuario De Chimay

*Sabine van Riel

Brazilian Modernism, National Identity, And The Santos Dumont Airport: Preserving And Early Aviation Gem

*Jessica Williams

Interpreting The Production Facilities Of The Manhattan Project

2005 Theses

Jessica Breitbach

A Home Away From Home: Telling The Story Of The Trucking Industry Through The Preservation Of 1960S Truck Stops

*Erika Carlson

Authenticity And Adaptation Of Historic Movable Bridges For Contemporary Use

Sandy Chung

The Development Of Solid Steel Windows In The United States

Gloria Colom

Design Proposal For The Estate Of Anna’s Hope In St. Croix, Usvi

Joselito Corpus

Proprietary Alkoxysilane Systems And Their Efficacy On Fine Grained Marble

Rama Dadarkar

Bombay’s “Lesser” Architecture: Making A Case For Preservation

Debora DeBarros

The Electrical Resistance Moisture Meter And Infrared Thermography: Assessing The Effectiveness Of Two Non-Destructive Techniques For Moisture Diagnosis In Structures Contaminated By Hygroscopic

Sarah Devan

Adaptive Use Of The Joseph Lemaire Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Tombeek, Belgium As A Wellness Center

Jenny Fields

Homogenization Versus Innovation: A Critical Analysis Of The National Main Street Program At Twenty-Five Years Through Two Case Studies

Lewis Gleason

Preservation At The Edge: An Adaptive Reuse Project For The New York Central And Hudson River Railroad Kingsbridge Substation

Allison Greenberg

Preliminary Investigation Into Interpretation, Display And Conservation Possibilities For The World Trade Center Artifacts Housed At Jfk International Airport

Jill Hall

The Interpretations Of Sites Of Shameful History Through A Focus On Individual Stories: A Case Study Of The Interpretations At The Japanese American Relocation Camps

Jacqui Hogans

An Assessment Of Graffiti Removal Methods For Artifically Patinated Weathering Steel

Susie Jackson

Natural Extractives As Wood Preservatives: The Potential Of Phytochemicals In Preservation

*George Jaramillo

Barnscapes: Mapping Rural Cultural Landscapes

Jennifer Kearney

Painting By Numbers: Depression Era Interior Paint Finishes And An Evaluation Of Manufacturers’ Catalogs As Primary Sources

Jennifer Ko

An Argument For Reconstruction In Oceania’s Indigenous Cultures: The Case Of Moku'ula

*Jennifer Most

Neighborhood Conservation Policies: Protecting Communities From Teardowns And Other Threats To Neighborhood Conservation

Amy Peterson

The Kansas City Park And Boulevard Plan: Design: Proposals For Additions To A Historic Network

Tara Phelps

Post-War Housing In Warsaw: Integral Part Of The City’s Future?

Mark Soeth

Evaluating The National Trust Main Street Model: A Matched Pairs Comparison

Robert Garland Thomson

Modeling Mostar: Evaluating The Mostar 2004 Program In The Context Of Present And Future Trends In Historic Preservation Education

Mikel Travisano

The Impact Of Security From Terrorism Of Postwar Modernist Architecture

2004 Theses

Jae Seok Ahn

Sleeping With The Enemy: Planning A New Cooper Union Dormitory: A Preservation Approach For Multi-Lot Development

Britton Alexander Baine

The Domino Effect: An Adaptive Re-Use Proposal For The Havemeyer And Elder/Domino Sugar Refinery

Lisa Ann Casertano

Unfinished Architecture

Flora Chou

Historic Preservation And Community Development Corporations In Los Angeles: Current Connections For Future Partnership

Rachel Elizabeth Consolloy

Let Them Grow: Climbing Vines Do Not Have To Be Removed From Buildings

*Brian Cox

Borates As A Wood Preservative

Pilar Davila

Los Caminos Del Rio: An Assessment Of A Preservation Program Along The Texas-Mexico Borderlands.

*Rebecca Birch Dowling

Asbury Park Rising: Overcoming The Limitations Of Public Policy To Protect Historic Resources At The Local Level

Catherine Elizabeth Gavin

The Havana Coppelia Ice Cream Pavilion And Park: The Cuban Revolution Frozen In Time

Tania Elaine Goffee

The Architecture Of Nazi Political Centers Preservation Issues In Berlin, Munich And Nuremberg

*Fritz Harding

Saving Corporate Modernism From The Inside Out: Interior Design As A Strategy For Adapting The Mid-Century International Style Headquarters

Andrea Lee Kaiser

The Development Of Lock-Strip Neoprene Gaskets At The General Motors Technical Center

*Leslie Suzanne Klein

Philip Johnson’s Glass House: Framing Interpretation

Hillary Lyn Krell

Historic Preservation In A Changing Landscape: The Outer Banks Of North Carolina

*Elizabeth McEnaney

Architectural Fragments: The Lacunae Of Historic Preservation, A Case Study Of The Chicago Stock Exchange

Mark McMillan

Under Fire: A Reexamination Of The Fireproof Building Under Modern Stresses

Andrea Leigh Ruedy

Integration Of Modern Ruins Into Contemporary Urban Development: Memory, Imagination, Sense Of Place, And Process In The Preservation And Reanimation Of Asbury Park’s Casino Complex Ruin

*Becky Walldroff

Pigmented Structural Glass: Conserving Original Material Through Repair

*Takushi Yoshida

Machine Aesthetics In Architecture: Adaptive Reuse Of Buffalo’s Grain Elevators

Sybil Young

American’s Rural Cemeteries: Keeping An Institution Alive

Kurumi Yumihari

Preserving Vernacular Buildings In West Chelsea: Balance Between Preservation And Development

2003 Theses

Helen M. Thomas

Lime Mortar Models, Curing and Conservation: Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyoming

Alexandra Parsons Wolfe

Preserving Interpretation: Habitat Dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History

*Michael Caratzas

Cross-Bronx: Preserving a Significant Urban Expressway and Its Megastructure

Annika Teig

Thinktanker: A Concept for the Second Generation Use of the VLCC

Sarita Krishnamurthy

Redefining the Original Intention of Modern Architecture: Densifying the Sectors of Chandigarh

Julie Palmer

Waterfront Revival in Williamsburg

*Melissa Baldock

Preserving the Honky-Tonk: Coney Island’s Future in its Amusement Past

*Courtney Fint

Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp: The Summer Camp as Cultural Heritage Site

*Deborah Van Steen

The Architecture of Calvin Pollard

Gregory Dietrich

Lincoln Center: A Case Study Resolving the Conflict Between Preservation, Maintenance and Redevelopment of the American Postwar Performing Arts Center