Danil Nagy

Danil Nagy is Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP. He is also a Senior Research Scientist and Design Associate at 'The Living' within Autodesk research. His teaching and research focus on new methods in big data, machine learning, advanced computation and visualization.

His teaching at Columbia GSAPP includes Architectural Drawing and Representation (AD+R), a full-year core representation class for all incoming M.Arch students focused on basic and advanced skills in modeling, rendering, animation and other forms of representation.

He also teaches a seminar called Data Mining the City, which looks at how recent advances in data and computation can help us understand our cities better. He has also collaborated on a number of studios focusing on applying advanced methods of modeling, simulation, and optimization to architectural design.


Course Semester Title Student Work Instructor Syllabus Requirements & Sequence Location & Time Session & Points Call No.
A4023‑1 Fall 2017
Architectural Drawing & Representation I
Josh Uhl, Farzin Lotfi-Jam, Bika Rebek, Danil Nagy Required for M.Arch 1st year
113 Avery
M 11 AM -1 PM
Full Semester
3 Points