Volume 4: Break Through

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The isolation of the self; the sacrosanct object; the solitude of “outstanding” architecture. Are these signs of a moribund culture? If so, where did our vitality go? Can we find it in other domains? Can we reanimate and reinfuse ourselves with energy? Read how reality seeps through our unassailable myths and penetrates our splendid isolation. Issue 4 reconsiders the act of getting people together, not through building per se, but through means that can also be completely non-constructivist. In this way architecture is going beyond itself by going back to its primary justification: holding people together or holding them apart. The works in catalogue and the “free exhibition” inside demonstrate the variety of ways in which this is possible. They all convey a provocation and an appeal to communicate, and most of them do this without falling back upon the certainties of a static material discipline or the alibi of a whimsical client. This issue includes essays by Atelier Bow-Wow, Fat, Guerilla Girls, Marieke Ouwerkerk, Todd Reisz, and more.