Volume 2: Doing (Almost) Nothing

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Few things are as driven by maximalism as architecture. The craft stands out for its almost boundless urge to prove itself. Success depends on the fullness of the portfolio, on the size of the projects, on prestigious clients, on a deluge of publicity, and, last but not least, on narcissistic, compulsive, and histrionic personalities for whom enough is never enough. If you want to become a thinking, creative architect, no only must you be capable of doing anything, you also have to do it. Work, work, work: that’s the motto. But, can we do something by doing (almost) nothing? Can we achieve anything by doing too much? Can we do what we need to do, by doing just what is needed? How do we define doing too much, too little? How to think through doing anyway?

This issue of Volume explores these questions, with contributions from Giancarlo de Carlo, Mirko Zardini, Laura Kurgan, Sam Jacob, Lou Reed, and more.