Town & Country: Architecture Between Dichotomies

Sat, May 5    10am

Town & Country: Architecture Between Dichotomies

10am Dichotomies of City/Country
Michael Faciejew (Princeton)
To Urbanize the World: Imperialism and Internationalism in Paul Otlet’s Cité Mondiale
Leo Steeds (Warwick)
Adam Smith, Henri Lefebvre, and the Political Economy of the Town and Country
Umberto Mazzeo (Columbia)
A Place on a Page: The City as Sign in Latin American Urban History
Response by Peter Minosh

1pm Territories of City/Country
Jessica Ngan (Princeton)
The Horizontal Skyscraper and the Petting Farm: Agrarian and Pastoral Imaginaries in Corporate America
Maria C. Taylor(Michigan)
Hygiene, Efficient, and Green: Designing City-Nature Fusion after Stalin
Diederik de Koning (Delft University of Technology)
Fields of Peace: Inner Colonization and Farm Reconstruction in Post-War Switzerland and the Netherlands
Dalal Musaed Alsayer (UPenn)
Importing the “Rural” and “Urban”: The Architecture of Postwar American Aid in the Middle East
Response by Ayala Levin

3:30pm Technologies of City/Country
Erik Carver(Columbia)
Rustic Metropolis
Adam Walls (UCL)
The Imperial Brilliance of Electric Light
Maura Lucking (UCLA)
Tuskegee Pastoral: Industrial Education and the Construction of the New South
Response by Irene Cheng

Organized by the Ph.D. Program in Architecture. Free and open to the public. Reception to follow.