Future Anterior: Volume IV, Number 1, Summer 2007

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Future Anterior approaches historic preservation from a position of critical inquiry, rigorous scholarship, and theoretical analysis. The journal is an important international forum for the critical examination of historic preservation, spurring challenges of its assumptions, goals, methods, and results. As the first journal in American academia devoted to the study and advancement of historic preservation, it provides a much-needed bridge between architecture and history. The journal also features provocative theoretical reflections on historic preservation from the point of view of art, philosophy, law, geography, archeology, planning materials science, cultural anthropology, and conservation.

Contributors to this issue include Jorge Otero-Pailos, Patrick Ciccone, Reto Geiser and Martino Stierli, Adrian von Buttlar, Laurence Kanter, Frank G. Matero, Cesare Brandi, Randall F. Mason, and John Stubbs.