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Thank you to all Columbia GSAPP community of alumni, students, parents, and friends who gave gifts in the 2015-2016 academic year, July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. This report highlights the individuals who provided support for tuition relief, student travel, research, publications, and technology upgrades. Columbia GSAPP is grateful for each and every donor who inspire new imagination and experimentation in the built environment.
Dean’s Circle
$50,000 +
The Armour Family
Bilgili Holding
Marc Holliday MSRED 1990 and Sheree Holliday
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Cynthia M. Moses-Manocherian MSRED 1988 and Jeffrey D. Manocherian
Woods Bagot
Borusan Holding
ENKA Foundation
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Catherine Lee MSRED 2003
Raymond Lifchez M.Arch 1957, GSAS 1967
Richard Mishaan MSRED 1998
CB Richard Ellis
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
Estate of Barclay F. Gordon M.Arch 1969
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
Grand China DE Investors II
Elise Jaffe + Jeffrey Brown
Khaled Jalanbo MSRED 2014
Elias Symeon Kefalidis MSRED 2008
KLM Equities Inc.
Carol A. Loewenson BC 1976, M.Arch 1979 &
Andrew J. Levander LW 1977
Xin Long MSRED 2012
Jonathan L. Mechanic
Oxford Properties Group
Philip L. Milstein CC 1971 and Cheryl G. Milstein BC 1982
Sherwood B. Sarte
Mary Ann Tighe
Lori F. Zabar BC 1975, MSHP 1977 &
Mark R. Mariscal M.Arch 1981
Avery Leaders
Augusta Brown Holland MSUP 2003 and Gill Holland
Walter McDuffie Cain M.Arch 2015
Susan Chin MSHP 1978
Extell Development Company
Fondazione Renzo Piano
E.M. Blake Hutcheson MSRED 1989
The Ornamental Metal Institute of New York
Gregg Popkin MSRED 1987
Susan T. Rodriguez MSAAD 1985
S L Green Realty Corporation
Oscar Shamamian M.Arch 1985
Manish Chandra Verma MSRED 2002
Thomas Anthony Calamari MSAUD 1994
Gustavo Fabio Berenblum MSAAD 1991 &
Claudia Busch MSAAD 1991
Cary C. Carpenter MSRED 1993
Conor Ciaran Flynn MSRED 2007
Brian Steven Garrison MSUP 1985 &
Lisa Guttentag-Garrison MSUP 1985
Historic Preservation Education Foundation
James Hamilton Kolker CC 1984, M.Arch 1986 and Quyen Dinh
Rhoady R. Lee III M.Arch 1980
Sharon J. Liebowitz M.Arch 1991 &
Winston Sebastian Zacharia CC 1989, EN 1989
Frederick W. McCarthy, III MSRED 2006
Daniel P. Shannon MSAAD 1986
Sharon Saul Davis M.Arch 2006
The Steel Institute of New York
Peter N. Stoll CC, 1974 M.Arch 1977 &
Lucinda W. Stoll M.Arch 1977
Andrew Stone and Dana C. Stone MSRED 1988
Tod Williams and Billie Tsien
Kyu S. Woo M.Arch 1968
Dalal Musaed Al Sayer MSAUD 2010
Dean Amale Andraos and Daniel Wood M.Arch 1992
Jeffrey Berger MSRED 2003
Neil R. Berzak MSUP 1962
Deborah Rabbino Bhatt MSRED 2005
Nicholas Canby Bienstock MSRED 1992, BU 1996
Eric Blair-Joannou MSAAD 2015, BU 2015
Heidi Blau M.Arch 1983
Charles Thomas Brunson MSRED 2005
John C. Buss M.Arch 196, MSUP 1966
Hui Chen MSRED 2001
Moongyu Choi M.Arch 1991
Emmy Yee Mun Chow MSAAD 2000
Leah Cohen
Willis S. DelaCour, Jr. M.Arch 1970
Patrice Derrington
Dean J. DiSimone M.Arch 1999
Jennifer Emerson MSHP 1996
Richard Finnerty and Wendy M. Finnerty
Alex Cameron Foster MSRED 2010 and Claire Foster
Jonie Fu MSAUD 1986
Michael Graves & Associates
Sara A. Gentzler M.Arch 2004
Phillip Alexander Gesue MSRED 1997
Majid Jelveh MSAUD 1994
William Foster Ingraham IV MSRED 1992
Joseph Isaac Jemal MSRED 2007
Michael J. Kennedy M.Arch 1992 &
Vickey Lynn Braun MSAAD 1992
Samuel Noah Klatt MSRED 2010
Christopher Thomas Kosonen MSRED 2010
Juan Lago-Novas
Charles S. Laven
Andrew Levine and Michelle Levine
Michael Lisman MSRED 2015
Yafen Liu MSRED 2012
Donald Carl Matheson MSRED 2003
Grant Marani and Anne Rieselbach
Mega Contracting Group LLC
Jeremy Richard Moser M.Arch 1987
Angela O'Byrne MSRED 1987
Hsin-Jien O-Yang MSAUD 1986
Mary Ellen Pindyck, Esq. LAW 1973, MSUP 1975 &
Bruce Eben Pindyck, Esq. CC 1967, LAW 1970
Platt Byard Dovell White Architects LLP
Michael Plottel CC 1984 M.Arch 1988
William K. Reilly, Esq. MSUP 1971
R. Owen Richards and Julie A. Smith
Christopher Colgan Schlank MSRED 1992
Shai Shamir MSRED 2005 and Keren Perry-Shamir BU 2005
G. Phillip Smith M.Arch 1969 and
Douglas Norman Thompson CC 1961, M.Arch 1970
Laurinda H. Spear M.Arch 1975 and Bernardo Fort
Andrea Mary Sreshta M.Arch 2011
Timothy Allan Sullivan MSHP 1998
Justin Ryan Toal MSRED 2001
Allyne J. Winderman M.Arch 1979
Doryan Lee Winkelman MSRED 1986
Elissa F. Winzelberg MSHP 1978
Stephen B. Yablon M.Arch 1982
Gifts up to $1,000
Muayad Abbas MSRED 2002
Faris Osama Al Talhouni MSRED 2013
Elizabeth Shaw Alford M.Arch 1991
Elmer S. Atkins MSUP 1964
Rina Vishal Bhagwati MSRED 1998
Robert Louis Bourguignon MSUP 1991
Robert Lee Brackett, III M.Arch 2007
Marisa Ann Bradanini MSRED 2007
Jonathan Joseph Breene MSRED 1995
Carlos F. Brillembourg M.Arch 1975
Rina Vishal Bhagwati MSRED 1998
Peter Campbell MSRED 1990
Adam Joseph Cassidy MSRED 2010 and Maggie Cassidy
Joseph Allan Castner MSAAD 1985
Richard del Monte MSAAD 1984
Barbara Hoff Delvac
Brian Anthony Dollar MSRED 2003
Sarah Evans Dunn CC 1989 M.Arch 1994
Brandon Forde MSUP 1997
Steven Benjamin Green MSRED 1989, BU 1996 &
Cynthia F. Sulzberger
Vishaal Sagar Gupta MSRED 2011
Philip Hospod MSRED 2010
Jordana Matthews Jacobson M.Arch 1996
Ronald D. Judkoff SIPA 1976 M.Arch 1977
Kathryn Ensch Kamm M.Arch 2000
Kevin Hom M.Arch 1974
Jeannie Kim
Ngan-Wan Lau MSRED 2002
Dominic Michael Leong MSAAD 2003
Matthew Steven Levine MSRED 2010
David James Littwitz MSRED 1989
Bryan Kyung Min M.Arch 1998
Joeb Moore
Douglas Edward Peterson MSRED 2004
Phyllis S. Oxman MSHP 1980
Sigrid Miller Pollin M.Arch 1975
Roy R. Pachecano M.Arch 1993, MSRED 2003
Medhat Salam M.Arch 1957
Edward Turner Schiff MSRED 2007
Dong Chul Shin MSRED 2009
Michael Joseph Simko MSRED 1999 &
Susan Mary Heidere BU 1996
Gregory Lee Spencer MSRED 2007
Margaret Roche Streicker Porres MSRED 2000 M.Arch 2001
Howard N. Wallick CC 1979, MSRED 1986 and Freda Rosenfeld
Thomas A. Weaver MSUP 1977
Barbara Laskey Weinreich M.Arch 1985
Paul B. Williger M.Arch 1986 and Ilene J. Williger
Howard Li-Chun Yao MSAAD 1995
Adam Curtis Aasen MSRED 2006
Jorge Andres Abad MSRED 2011
Leandro Leitao de Abreu MSRED 2009
Faris Abuzeid MSRED 2013
Paul Adamson M.Arch 1985
Johnathan Tod Agrelius MSRED 2010
Oltmann Ahlers MSRED 2016
Rachid Akl MSRED 2016
Stacy Elizabeth Albanese MSHP 1995
Alexander Seth Albert MSRED 2009
Frank Alcock-San Roman MSAUD 1985
Joseph Robert Scott Alexander MSRED 2011
Mashhour A. Al-Ibrahim MSRED 2016
Alison Spear MSAUD 1983 and Alexander Reese BU 1979
Martina Allen
Colin D. Alley M.Arch 1994
Stephen Brian Alliegro MSRED 1991
Marwan Al-Sayed M.Arch 1986
Isaac Alshihabi MSRED 2016
Shahdeh Ammadi
Shawn Thomas Amsler MSRED 2011
Nicholas Jonghan An GS 2013, MSRED 2016
Anthony Andrade MSRED 2011
Robin Lynn Andrade MSAAD 1993
James Paul Anew
Joshua Thomas Argast MSRED 2016
Armand LeGardeur M.Arch 1984
Joel Arthur Armstrong M.Arch 1966
Carol Ann Arvan MSHP 1980
Douglas Eugene Ashe MSAAD 1983
Hans Aspock M.Arch 1970
Robert J. Badia M.Arch 1960
Yuval Baer MSAAD 1989 and Hilorie Nina Baer SW 1987
Ann-Marie Bailey M.Arch 1979
Douglas Albert Baillie MSRED 2015
Varun Bajaj MSRED 2016
Phillip Hyman Bakalchuk M.Arch 1988 and
Lee Silverstone-Bakalchu M.Arch 1989
Stanley Baldinger MSUP 1969
Gilbert E. Balog MSUP 1968
Christine Bubrick Bang MSUP 1997, BU 1999
Michelle D. Banks-Spearman, Esq. LAW 1986, MSUP 1987
Kamilah Simone Bannister MSRED 2016
David E. Barabas Arash Barati MSRED 2016
Neal A. Barille II MSUP 1973
Christopher Philip Barley M.Arch 2009
Amy Barnett M.Arch 1988, MSHP 1988 and
Arthur Akira Furukawa M.Arch 1988
Kristin Conway Baron MSHP 1990
Jillian Barsalou Kincaid
Michael Stephen Barstis MSRED 2006
Felix C. Bartholomew M.Arch 1976
William F. Barton MSUP 1965
Marcelo Roberto Barujel MSAAD 1986
Nancy Linsai Chan MSRED 1998
James Clayton Beck MSRED 2011
Max Becker MSRED 2016
Michael Jerry Bednarski MSRED 2011
Jonah Abraham Belkin MSRED 2010
Fredric M. Bell M.Arch 1976
Christopher Michael Bellapianta MSRED 2009
Maybelle Taylor Bennett MSUP 1972
Jacob Richard Benyi M.Arch 2010
Debra Berger M.Arch 1988
Bernard L. Berkowitz MSUP 1959
Joseph A. Betz MSAAD 1987
Masood Akram Bhatti MSRED 1989
Ian Alexander Bierig MSRED 2011
Miles Jordan Biggs MSRED 2016
Robert James Bischoff M.Arch 1987
Mark A. Bixler MSAAD 1998
David R. Black CC 1974 MSHP 1976
John Langdon Blakeney MSUP 2007, SIPA 2006
Michael L. Bobrow M.Arch 1963 and Julia D. Thomas
Minnette Bickel Boesel MSHP 1977
Nancy E. Boone MSHP 1980
Michael J. Bosnick MSUP 1980
Sarah Kimberly Bowen MSUP 2000
Taylor Phillips Bowen MSRED 1998
Jonathan Cash Bowman MSRED 2004
Esi-Kilanga I. Bowser MSAUD 2004
Matthew Boyce MSRED 2016
Amy Boyle MSUP 2008, BU 2008
Mehmet Vahit Bozatli M.Arch 2008
Salvatore A. Bracco M.Arch 1972
Sarah Jane Brezavar M.Arch 1977
Peter Ronald Bridgman MSRED 2010
Keri Lynn Briones M.Arch 2003
Stanford R. Britt M.Arch 1972
Ariel Bromberg MSAUD 1997
William D. Brookover III MSHP 1978
David Bros Espasa MSRED 2007
Jeffrey Marc Brown MSRED 2016
Beth Jennifer Brownstein MSRED 1999
Henry Thomas Buckingham M.Arch 1995 and Czarina Buckingham
Alfred M. Buff EN 1964
Dennis Nathan Bunker III MSRED 1990
Kirsten Burch
Felix Burrichter MSAAD 2004
Rosaline W. Byard
Steven Mark Cain MSUP 1986
Kirtley Horton Cameron M.Arch 2005
Barbara Anne Campagna MSHP 1986
Frances Campani M.Arch 1982
Ross Sinclair Cann M.Arch 1990
Spiro Nicolas Cantonis MSRED 2010
Joseph R. Capecci M.Arch 1974
Lori Apfel Cardeli, AIA M.Arch 2007
Ricardo Cardenas MSRED 2011
Heidi P. Carey MSHP 1991
Ryan Carmichael
Daniel Francis Carr MSRED 2011
Anthony Ruben Carrion MSRED 2016
Judy Ann Carty-Andriola M.Arch 1992
Timothy Bryan Castillo M.Arch 1995
Peter David Cavaluzzi MSAUD 1986 and
Angela Roberts Cavaluzzi MSAUD 1986
Robert S. Chaloner MSUP 1982, PH 1982
Amanda Chan
Jesse M. Chancellor, Jr. MSRED 1989
Anil Dhanji Chandra MSRED 2011
Mark Eric Chaney MSAAD 1992
Jae Ho Chang MSRED 2005
Andy Chao MSRED 2016
William R. Chapman MSHP 1978
Michael E. Charrier M.Arch 1967
Catherine Cheng MSRED 2016
Ned Davidson Cherry, Jr. M.Arch 1970, MSAUD 1971
Joey Chilelli MSRED 2013
Lisa Catherine Chiou MSRED 2016
Thana Chirapiwat MSAAD 1990
Alison Chih Wai Chiu MSHP 2012
Soo Ho Choi EN 2010 MSRED 2016
Juliet Chou, Ph.D. MSHP 2000
Graham Perry Christensen MSRED 2016
Gregory Thomas Christopher M.Arch 1998
Richard Chu EN 2001 MSRED 2016
Hui Sen Chua MSRED 2011
Matthew Jian Chua
Laura Reuwee Ward M.Arch 1996
Kyle R. Johnson M.Arch 1977 and Carol A. Clark MSHP 1977
John P. Clarke MSUP 1968
James A. Coan M.Arch 1980
Sean Clark Cohane MSRED 2016
Jennifer Anne Cohen BC 2006 MSRED 2012
Benson Robert Cohn MSUP 1970
Gloria M Colom MSHP 2005
Christopher Andrew Conaway MSAAD 1992
Levi Stewart Conover MSRED 2011
Robert Spencer Cooney MSRED 2011
Javier Francisco Corripio MSRED 1996
Jane Cowan MSHP 1996
Julia Alexis Cox MSRED 2012
Peter Anthony Crawley MSRED 1988
Tamika LeShan Crittenden MSRED 2004
Carl Bradley Cronk M.Arch 1993
Roger A. Cumming
Wayne R. Curtis MSUP 1989
Rongrong Dai MSRED 2016
Yifei Dai MSRED 2016
Fred Eric Darguste MSRED 2005
Samarth Das MSAUD 2013
Sudha Patel Dave M.Arch 1979
Martha M. Davis MSUP 1956
Thomas James DeAngelo MSAAD 1983
Charles Y. Deknatel MSUP 1968
Javier Enrique Dela Garza M.Arch 1990
Eugene A. Delmar M.Arch 1954
Allen T. Denison M.Arch 1982
Jorge E. Tristani, Jr. M.Arch 1979
Leigha Lee Dennis M.Arch 2011
Nadine T. Dennis MSUP 1977
Yonel Devico MSRED 2011
Gabriele Ehret Devlin M.Arch 1979
Timothy Daniel Dill MSRED 1991
Andrea Maria Dimofte MSRED 2016
Daniel Dokhanian MSRED 2016
Mathew Warren Dolan
Alfonso D'Onofrio
Philippe C. Dordai M.Arch 1982 and Patricia Ann Tine M.Arch 1982
Robert Matthew Drury MSAUD 2009
Lingfeng Duan MSRED 2016
Lisa Joan Dubin M.Arch 1984
Craig N. Dumas MSAUD 1976
Kevin Dunlevy MSRED 2016
Stefan Bernard Dupuis MSRED 2016
Aaron M. Dweck MSRED 2012
Chris Lee Eaton MSHP 1986
David F. Eberhart
Bessie C. Economou MSUP 1960
Robert Edmonds MSAAD 1999 and Vivian Wai-chia Lee MSAAD 2000
Mark R. Edwards MSHP 1976
Evan Scott Elder MSAUD 2004
James Stuart Elliott MSRED 2016
Steven K. Elmets M.Arch 1976, MSHP 1979
Peter Michael Engel M.Arch 1987 and Cheryl A. Perko M.Arch 1989
Jori Ann Erdman M.Arch 1995
Michael Esmay M.Arch 1965
Deane M. Evans, Jr. M.Arch 1977
Christina Marie Plattner Evola MSHP 1985
Jennifer Barbara Ewing MSUP 2008
Dominique Maree Faes MSRED 2010
Nancy Fahlstrom MSHP 1979
Jackson H. Fahnestock MSUP 1967, M.Arch 1967
John G. Farah MSUP 1974, BU 1974
Joseph Feingold M.Arch 1958
Robert L. Felson CC 1948 M.Arch 1952
Joaquin Fernandez-Stearns MSRED 2010
Marc Fetterman MSHP 1977
Antonio Figueroa MSUP 1973
Andrew S. Fink M.Arch 1975
Kara J. Fishman MSRED 1987
Randal D. K. Fong MSUP 1980
Michael Christopher Foss CC 2003, MSRED 2012 and
Peter Benjamin Kuhn CC 1999
Joshua F. Frankel M.Arch 1999
Kurt Vogley Franz MSAUD 2010, MSRED 2011
Jennifer Frazer GS 2010 MSHP 2013
Jessica Lauren Frenkel M.Arch 2012
Dale H. Frens MSHP 1980
Spencer Friedman MSRED 2016
Giovanni Fruttaldo MSAAD 2012
William Strong Fulton MSRED 2011
Anne Seel Furse, Esq. LAW 1993
Hiroyuki Futai MSAAD 1996
Jay S. Gaines
Nathaniel John Gale EN 2008
Ning Gao MSRED 2016
Stefanie Lynn Garry MSUP 2009
Pavlos Gennimatas MSRED 2016
Rani Gharbie MSRED 2013
Elsa Gilbertson MSHP 1982
Kathryn J. Gillespie MSUP 1988
Tabitha Connor Gillim MSRED 2011
William Jeffrey Gimpel SIPA 1990, MSUP 1991
Luke K. Gjurasic M.Arch 1963
Chelsea Lauren Gleis MSUP 2009
Alexandra Goeseke MSRED 2016
Bruce E. Goetzman M.Arch 1956
Susan Lori Goldberger MSRED 1986
John Perry Goldsmith M.Arch 1990
Hannia Gomez MSAUD 1984
Jorge Augusto Gomez MSAAD 1987
Nancy H. Goody MSHP 1981
Sarah Jane Govier MSRED 2011
Amulya Mohan Gowda MSRED 2016
Marguerite Aileen Grady MSUP 2008
Robert L. Gray M.Arch 1968
Alan C. Green MSAUD 1982
Nicholas Leonard Greenberg MSRED 2012
Daniel Jay Greenstein EN 2000, MSRED 2004
Linda A. Groarke MSUP 1987
Michael Grodzins M.Arch 1991
Matthew Louis Gross MSRED 2005
Susan Deborah Gross M.Arch 1988 and Adam M. Cohen
Suzy W. Grote MSHP 1973
Chuyue Guan MSRED 2016
Amelia Jane Guise MSRED 2016
Haiyi Guo MSRED 2016
Xinyun Guo MSRED 2016
Jean-Eudes Guy M.Arch 1960
Nikolas D. Haenisch M.Arch 1994
Bryan Mellor Haltermann MSRED 1988
Jill M. Hamberg MSUP 1980, Ph.D UP 1994
Patrick Joseph Hanlon MSRED 2011
Mayumi Claire Hara-Dao M.Arch 2004
Thomas M. Harboe MSHP 1984
Cameron Wade Hardinge-Rooney MSRED 2016
Jessica Mary Hart MSUP 2004
Josephine M. Hart M.Arch 1982
Ryan Hart
Maximilian Steven Hartman M.Arch 2015, MSRED 2016
Lawrence I. Harvey M.Arch 1966
Michael Clarence Harvey MSRED 2013
Robert William Harvey MSRED 2008
Toru Hasegawa M.Arch 2006
Stephen Joseph Hayes MSUP 1989
Scott Bradley Hayner MSRED 2011
Patrick Winfield Hendry MSRED 2012
Jaewon Heo MSAAD 2013
Michael Steven Heyer MSRED 2016
David Wayne Hinkle CC 1976, GF 1978, 1986, 1996
Suenn Ho M.Arch 1988 and John Robert Flynn M.Arch 1987
Stephanie Michelle Hoagland MSHP 2002
Wendy Tsao Hoffman MSRED 2012
Deborah Eve Holley MSUP 1984
Stephen R. Holt
Nancy B. Holwell M.Arch 1978 and
Richard J. Holwell, Esq. LAW 1970, M.Arch 1978
Joanna Hootnick
Matthew C. Hopkins MSRED 2010
Pamela Leslie Horn MSRED 2011
Iosif Emil Horvath MSRED 2016
Michelle Hsieh MSRED 2016
Huai-Chun Hsu MSUP 2002
Sue Hu M.Arch 1992
Vivian Jiawen Chang Hua MSRED 2001
Xiaoxiao Keira Huang MSRED 2016
Sandi Kay Hubbard MSRED 1993
Karen Huebner MSHP 1986
Daniel Sebastian Huffenus MSRED 1988
Judy Hutchison
Nat Landau Hyman MSRED 1986
Mustafa Iqbal MSRED 2016
Amanda Tamsin Ireland MSRED 2011
Raymond J. Irrera M.Arch 1954
Marcia Teng Ishizuka MSRED 1986
Arie Meyer Toporovsky MSRED 2007, BU 2015
Peter S. Jackson, AIA. M.Arch 1971
Judith M. Jacob MSHP 1989
Donald I. Jacobs MSUP 1976
Michael Christopher Jacobs M.Arch 1997 and
Amanda McNear Jacobs, M.D.
Michael H. Jacobs MSUP 1976
John W. James III M.Arch 1978 and Linda V. James
James R. Janz MSUP 1974
Hataichanok Jeadsadavaranggoon MSRED 2016
Leroi Thomas Jiles MSRED 2011
Mitchell Whitney Joachim M.Arch 1997
Christopher Phillip Johnson MSAAD 2007
David B. Johnson M.Arch 1975
Dermot Barry Johnson MSRED 2005
Jeh V. Johnson CC 1953, M.Arch 1958
Marjorie H. Johnson and
Charles Bissell Johnson, III M.Arch 1973
Brandon Jermaine Jones MSRED 2010
George Edward Jones, Jr. M.Arch 1970
Curtis Peter Junker MSHP 1985 M.Arch 1985
Suleyman Kahyaoglu MSRED 2016
Julie Lawton Kalberer BC 1982, M.Arch 1985 and
James G. Turino CC 1980, BU 1992
Tin-Yu Kao MSAAD 2012
Stacy Joan Kaplan M.Arch 1996
Maria Anna Karageorgou M.Arch 1996, MSRED 1999
Sheryl Lynn Kasak MSAAD 1996
Eriko Kawamura M.Arch 2012
Jesse Michael Keenan MSRED 2011
Scott P. Keller M.Arch 1970
Adam Sichel Kelly MSUP 2005
Megan Kelly-Sweeney M.Arch 2006
Richard Duncan Kerst M.Arch 1977
B. Ketcham, Jr. MSUP 1957
Jinny Kaur Khanduja MSUP 2013
Mana Pradip Khandvala MSAUD 1998
Eung Chun Kim MSRED 2005
Min S. Kim MSAAD 2000
Sung Nam Kim MSRED 2006
Howard B. Kimmel MSUP 1964
Carl R. King MSUP 1983
Cecily Corinne King MSRED 2015
Jessica Ann King CC 2003, TC 2010
Robert H. King CC 1955, M.Arch 1956 and
Aurora F. King CC 1955, M.Arch 1956
David Q. Kirk CC 1960, M.Arch 1969
Malika Ain Kirkling M.Arch 2010
Steven David Kirsch MSRED 2013
Aladar Kish M.Arch 1983
Christopher Mori Klein M.Arch 1996
Joseph G. Klempay M.Arch 1964
Kevin Wayne Kleyla MSAAD 2001
Victoria Inola Kocian GS 2005, M.Arch 2012
Esteban Einar Koffsmon MSRED 2009
Tuomas Tapani Kokkila MSRED 2016
Sheryl L. Kolasinski M.Arch 1983
Alexander John Kolodziejczyk MSRED 2016
Bessy M. Kong MSUP 1975
Thomas E. Koscielecki MSAUD 1974
Magdalena Kowalska MSAUD 2003
Michael J. Kraus M.Arch 1956
Paul B. Krause M.Arch 1964
Richard Evan Kreshtool M.Arch 1984
Gretchen Marina Krueger MSRED 2015
Taliaferro Thompson Krusen MSRED 2015
Karen L. Kubey M.Arch 2009
Kanjarat Kumsanit MSRED 2016
Susie Weisue Kuo MSUP 2000
Athena Kurry
Kenneth Michael Kurtz CC 1986 M.Arch 1989
Maximilian Emanuel Kustermann MSRED 2016
Jason Kwon MSRED 2016
John K. Lai M.Arch 1976
Edward John Laird MSRED 2016
Juris Laivins MSAUD 1973
Georgia Lambrou M.Arch 2003
Alexander P. Lamis M.Arch 1983
Trevor Ireland Lamphier M.Arch 2012
Jennifer Sajor Lasker SIPA 97, MSRED 2012
Judith A. Lawler Owen Ira Lawlor MSRED 1987
Jean H. Lawrence M.Arch 1975
Edward Lay MSRED 2015
Hilary Martin Lea MSRED 1990
Elizabeth Robin Leber M.Arch 1995
Milagros Maria Lecuona Fernandez MSUP 2011
Jiho Lee MSRED 2012
Lay Cheng Lee M.Arch 1984 and Soon Guan Ow EN 1982
SangWook Lee M.Arch 2013
Judith E. Leich M.Arch 1980
Kevin Peter Leichner MSUP 2010, BU 2010
Hannah A. Lenard MSRED 2010
Isabella Hui Yu Leung MSRED 2016
Ryan Matthew LeVasseur MSRED 2011 and Emily LeVasseur
Catherine Elizabeth Levenson MSRED 2014
Richard K. Levitz M.Arch 1983
Beni Reouven Levy M.Arch 1986
Daniel Saul Levy MSHP 1986
Susan Lynn Levy MSRED 1986
Allen Y. Lew MSAUD 1975
Diane Lewis MSUP 1970, SIPA 1973
Arlen Li M.Arch 1983, BU 2010
Jun Li MSRED 2016
Roselind Z. Li MSHP 1976
Shi Li MSRED 2016
Andrew Chin Liang MSAAD 1994
Jose Ignacio Lievano Gomez MSRED 2016
Zachary Robinson Lifton MSHP 2011
Ellen S. Light M.Arch 1976 and Alex H. Ray CC 1964
Angela Ling Lin MSRED 2007
Wen Y. Lin M.Arch 1981
Alfred Frank Ling MSAUD 1990
Jonathan Linton MSAUD 1987
David James Littwitz MSRED 1989
Alan Y. Lo
Annie Karkay Lo MSAAD 2009
Helen Marian Lochhead MSAUD 1986
Brian Patrick Lonsway M.Arch 1995
Melissa Loomis
Lawrence J. Loustaunau
Ryan Harry Bryson Lovett MSRED 2013, M.Arch 2013
Jeffrey Lauren Lovshin MSRED 2013
Ralph Lowell III M.Arch 1977
Jimmy Lu MSUP 2013
Thomas Patrick Lucid MSRED 2010
Brittni Keaolani Kiyoko Luke M.Arch 2015
Stephen M. Lynch M.Arch 1974
Allison Meredith Lyons MSHP 2010
Gabrielle L. Palitz M.Arch 1983
Chyuan Ma MSAUD 1980
Eric Frank Macdonald MSRED 2016
David Gray MacKay MSRED 2004
Jennifer Leigh Magee MSRED 2005
Nevio J. Maggiora M.Arch 1950
Samantha Catherine Magistro MSUP 2008
Nicha Mahapan MSRED 2011
Clarence O. Mahn, Jr. MSUP 1958
Breen Michael Mahony M.Arch 1998
Andrew Maier, III 2014
Monika Majewska-Zawartka MSRED 2003
Paul B. Maleter CC 1969, M.Arch 1976 and
Andrea Dobrow Maleter SIPA 1973
Jonathan Lawrence Mallie M.Arch 1999
Eric Wright Mandel MSUP 2006
Adam Charles Marcus M.Arch 2005
Meleine Michelle Martinez CC 2008
Suzanne C. Martinson MSAAD 1984
Andrew Stephen Maziarski MSHP 2012
Sara M. Mazie David Rocco Mazzuca CC 2007, MSRED 2013
Marian Holland McAllister M.Arch 1951
Bridget Kelly McCrum MSRED 2016
Christopher Ernest McGrath MSRED 2009
Pamela C. McGuire, Esq. LAW 1973, MSUP 1973
Stanley S. McIntosh GS 1972, MSUP 1974
Brendan McLaughlin MSRED 2014
Charles Edward McMahon MSRED 1995
Dimitrije Rajko Medenica M.Arch 1998
James Paul Meier MSUP 1970
Aneesa Memon
Howard D. Menashe M.Arch 1969, MSUP 1971
Sean Alexander Menkes MSRED 2015
Michael N. Meola MSRED 2004
Sandra Mercado MSRED 2016
Nandor Meszaros MSRED 2016
Pauline C. Metcalf MSHP 1978
Robert E. Milburn CC 1956, M.Arch 1965
James E. Miller M.Arch 1971
Leverett S. Miller M.Arch 1957
Virginia V. Miner and Robert D. Miner DM 1967
Norman M. Mintz MSHP 1980
Shaun Sohrab Mirza MSRED 2010
Marvin B. Mitchell M.Arch 1967
Richard D. Mitchell M.Arch 1964
Karen Bechara Mitri MSAAD 2009
Steven C. Mitzner MSRED 2011
Dan Mock MSRED 2009
Shabnam S. Modjarrad M.Arch 2004
Deborah Finkelstein Moelis M.Arch 1994
Patrick Stohl Moffat MSRED 2002
Paul Joseph Monardo MSAAD 1986
Ignacio Montojo MSRED 2015
Courtney Mercedes Mooney MSHP 2001
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Matthew P. Morgan
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Randall Stephen Moskop M.Arch 1982
Olivia Anne Moss MSRED 2012
Dhruv Moza MSRED 2016
Alexander Muetzel
Mary Ellen Muldoon MSUP 1984, PH 1984
Molly Matthews Multedo SIPA 1992, JN 1992
Christopher Warren Munsell MSRED 2016
Heather Reilly Murphy MSHP 1997
Jay Edward Murphy M.Arch 1984
Sophia Nagornaya MSRED 2016
Akarapon Nampeeti MSAAD 1997
Haig Nazarian MSRED 2016
Regina M. Neal MSUP 1983
Karen Leslie Nelson M.Arch 1994
Diane Marie Nemeth MSUP 1978
Mark Newbri
Que Anh Nguyen MSRED 2016
Timothy Khoa Nguyen MSRED 2011
Gregory Nichols
Xintong Nie MSRED 2016
Minna Vesselinova Ninova MSUP 2008
Roberta Beth Nooger MSRED 1990
Nelson Nordquist CC 1955, M.Arch 1960 and Ellen L. Nordquist
Adam Daniel Nourafchan MSRED 2016
Michael Joseph Nunziata MSRED 2008
Patricia M. Obst M.Arch 1976
Youjin Oh MSRED 2011
Suzanne O'Keefe M.Arch 1972
Lars Lennart Oldenburg MSRED 2016
Andrew M. Olins MSUP 1964
Maria Teresa Olmedo MSHP 1993
Travis Benny Olsen MSRED 2009 and Melanie Olsen
Stephen O'Malley MSAUD 1980
Nancy O'Neil MSHP 1983
William Francis O'Neill MSAAD 1986
Cheryl Ong MSRED 2016
Jocelyn Gerry Oppenheim 2012
Vicki Ann Oppenheim MSUP 1991
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John Erik Orfield MSAAD 1987
Michael Francis Orlandi MSRED 2007
Jane Henig Orlin MSRED 1989
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Charles Rankin Osborne MSRED 2016
Ifeanyi Osili MSAUD 1990
Ann Marie Ostrander MSHP 1984 and
Michel St. Pierre MSAUD 1984, MSHP 1985
Marina-Teresa Otero Verzier MSCCCP 2013
Trevor Wendolin Owens MSRED 2016
Shanel Pafil
Tanin Paisarnsrisin MSRED 2016
Desmond Rashad Palmer M.Arch 2015, MSRED 2016
Julia Hunter Palmer MSHP 2009
Yan Pan MSRED 2016
Konstantinos Panagis MSRED 2016
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Marc Harris Pantirer MSRED 2014
Daniel Joseph Pardy MSHP 1984
Harry D. Parnass M.Arch 1963
Edward Jay Pass
Mehul Babu Patel MSRED 2005
Mehul J. Patel MSRED 2005
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Allison Patrick M.Arch 2010
Stacy Debbie Patrick MSRED 2005
Amelia Etta Patt MSRED 2011
Rodman W. Paul, Jr. M.Arch 1978
Raymond F. Pavia M.Arch 1962
Andrew Pearson MSRED 2010
Diana U. W. Peeples M.Arch 1980
Anthony Pellino M.Arch 1996
Andrew Scott Peterson MSRED 2016
Dale Peterson M.Arch 1983 and Louise Miller Peterson
Kelley Erin Peterson MSRED 2016
Philip Gyorgy Lawrence Petri MSRED 2012
Lois A. Pezzi M.Arch 1997
Peter Wright Pfau M.Arch 1984
Renzo Piano
Geraldine C. Pontius M.Arch 1974
Christophe Luc Porsella MSUP 1997
Ralph E. Portmore MSUP 1968
Cuz Potter
Whitney Kay Powers MSAAD 1988
Frederic P. Putnam MSUP 1973, BU 1973
Mohammad Abdul Qadeer M.Arch 1971
Ruixiao Qi MSRED 2016
Qiuli Qu Tara Raafat
Bonny S. Radez M.Arch 1978 and Richard E. Radez M.Arch 1978
Clarence Anderson Radin MSRED 2016
John W. Rae
Kathleen Marie Randall MSHP 1992
Wolfgang Rapp M.Arch 1951
Brett N. Raskin MSRED 2010
Deborah Reilly MSAUD 1983
Gwen C. Reiman M.Arch 1946
Karen C. Renick M.Arch 1980
Gregory Fletcher Rideout MSRED 1996
Michael Rie MSRED 2001
Johanne Christiane Riegels Oestergaard MSAAD 1998
Donald F. Riha M.Arch 1964
Michael Alan Wernick M.Arch 1988, MSRED 1989
Rebecca Elizabeth Riss M.Arch 2015
Gardner Andrew Rivera MSRED 2009
Donald H. Roberts, Jr. MSUP 1975
John T. Roberts M.Arch 1971
Santiago Robina MSRED 2016
Larry S. Robinson M.Arch 1974
Sidney K. Robinson M.Arch 1967
Lucy Elizabeth Robson MSUP 2013
William Joseph Rockwell MSAAD 1991
Bruce W. Rodin MSUP 1968
Roland J. Scharfspitz M.Arch 1965
Conrad Maxwell Roncati MSRED 2014
Joel Murray Rosenberg M.Arch 1986
Stanley R. Rosenberg M.Arch 1952
Thomas Christian Rosenkilde M.Arch 1986
Emily Roth M.Arch 1990
Donald N. Rothblatt MSUP 1963
Ruperto Arturo Ruiz-Marquina MSUP 1986
Bryon Thomas Russell M.Arch 2004
David H. Russell MSUP 1975
Mary Elizabeth Rusz, A.I.A. MSAUD 1989
Vincent V. Saetta Haruka Saito M.Arch 2005
Leigh Taylor Salem M.Arch 2011
William Michael Salliotte MSRED 2012
Stephen Michael Sanchez McEvoy MSRED 2016
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Nitesh Kumar Sapra MSRED 2005
Marta Satwin-Ramberg M.Arch 2004
Caroline Eve Sayre MSUP 1987
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Richard A. Scherr M.Arch 1973
Wayne L. Schiffelbein M.Arch 1964
Debin S. Schliesman M.Arch 1988
Marc Louis Schmid CC 1969
Susan M. Schneider M.Arch 1975
John B. Scholz M.Arch 1969
Everett Ivan Schulz MSRED 2016
Gary C. Schwedock
Sara Sciuccati MSRED 2016
Katherine Elizabeth Scott MSUP 2008
Robyn An Sealander M.Arch 1992 and
Michael Laurence Sealander M.Arch 1992
Stella-Mae R. Seamans
Richard Thomas Serfas MSRED 1995
Anita Marie Sevier MSUP 1984
Kenneth E. Sevitsky
Wazir Mashook Seyed MSRED 2016
Nimesh Rajesh Shah MSRED 2016
Shreya Shah MSRED 2013
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Justine Kate Shapiro-Kline MSUP 2014, M.Arch 2014
William Starke Shell M.Arch 1963
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Warren K. Sheng MSRED 2004
Shuoye Shi MSRED 2016
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Lynette Mary Sroka MSAAD 1985
Joel Silverberg M.Arch 1971
Adam Seth Simkin MSRED 2011
Margaret Esme Simon M.Arch 1970
Ashley Elizabeth Simone M.Arch 2007
Darrell L. Sims M.Arch 1980, MSRED 1988
Emily Elizabeth Sing MSAAD 2002
Dale Betts Smith M.Arch 1970
Pi Smith M.Arch 1988
Caitlin Allyn Smolewski MSRED 2016
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Jennifer Bonnie So MSUP 2011
Zachary Somsel-Longmore MSRED 2016
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Ray Steffen MSRED 2013
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John R. Stevens
Julia Katharine Stokien M.Arch 2013
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Jake Strang
Nancy Gorman M.Arch 1990
Qiang Su M.Arch 1999
Susan Sun MSUP 2000
Doris Kim Sung M.Arch 1990
Sharon Egretta Sutton M.Arch 1973
Frampton Stuart Swann MSRED 2010
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Samuel Barnaby Tamblyn MSRED 2005
Bishara Tannous MSRED 2016
Paul David Tartak MSRED 2010
Jennifer Taylor MSUP 1996 and Christopher Charles Taylor BU 1996
William A. Taylor M.Arch 1970
Heidi Teeter MSHP 1993
Rajeev Mangaldas Thakker MSAAD 1998
Troy Conrad Therrien M.Arch 2009
Arthur P. Thompson M.Arch 1974
Jacqueline Thompson M.Arch 1966
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Douglas Joel Thornley MSAUD 1984
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Walter A. Thurber MSUP 1969
Kevin George Thurman MSUP 2010
Charlie L. Tilford EN 1968 M.Arch 1972
Peter Loren Tolkin M.Arch 1991
Christopher Michael Tomasetti
Paula Damiana Tomisaki MSAAD 2006
Patrick Ping-Tze Too MSAUD 1973
Charles H. Toothill M.Arch 1999
Terry E. Tornek MSUP 1971
Joseph W. Toussaint M.Arch 1967 and Ann Starkweather Toussaint
Jordan Robert Trachtenberg M.Arch 2008
C. Gabriel Traupman CC 2003, MSRED 2005
Constance Ann Treadwell M.Arch 1989
Derek H. Trelstad MSHP 1991
Brent Kevern Truscott MSRED 2010
Koichi Tsutsui MSAAD 2001
Deborah Susan Tu MSRED 2011
Anthony C. Tumminello M.Arch 2000
Esther Turay
William Tymms MSRED 2016
Marguerite Aileen Grady MSUP 2008
Frederic George Walton Underwood MSRED 2008
Maetapong Upatising MSRED 2011 and
Warongsiri Upatising MSRED 2011
Vikram Sohan Uppal MSRED 2013
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Giovanni Cesar Valle MSRED 1997
Ivan P. Vamos, AICP CC 1960, MSUP 1965
Pieter-Jan Van Hoof MSRED 2016
Julie Rogers Varland M.Arch 1991
Roberto Velasco-Vasquez
Thom JosephusAlphons Verhaegen MSRED 2016
Rinaldo Veseliza M.Arch 1974
Richard C. Vierling MSUP 1974
Betcy Mary Vincent MSRED 2013
Jennifer Thuy Vo MSRED 2011
Robert L. von Zumbusch CC 1960, M.Arch 1964
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Brian Thomas Walker MSAAD 1992
Gerard L. Wall MSUP 1980
David John Walsh MSRED 2003 and Carolyn Sullivan
Joan H. Walter M.Arch 1973 and Douglas Murray Kerr MSUP 1974
Timothy Joe Walter MSRED 1989
Han Wang MSRED 2014
Wenzhuo Wang MSRED 2011
Yi Wang MSRED 2016
Genoa Jared Ward MSRED 2011
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Katherine Karol Ware MSRED 1996
Henry Matthews Warfield M.Arch 1987
David B. Warner M.Arch 1980
Evan Vance Angelo Watts MSRED 2011, M.Arch 2011
Lauren Beth Wegel MSAAD 2004
Greta Weil M.Arch 1980
James R. Weill MSAUD 1978
Sharon Beth Weiner MSUP 2008 PH 2008
Robert G. Weisenbach M.Arch 1962
Jonathan Weiss CC 1988, M.Arch 1992 and Abigail Wolf CC 1989
David Craig Wellspring MSRED 2012
Bruce Williams Whipple MSRED 1990
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Lawrence Williamson MSRED 2006
Fred Wilmers
Maria Wilpon
Daniel G. Wilson M.Arch 1975
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Peter Herbert Wollenberg MSHP 1985
Jeffrey Wong MSRED 2016
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David Allen Wood M.Arch 1977
Susannah Grace Wood MSHP 2002
Clarence G. Wormuth M.Arch 1964
Patricia Chia-Pei Wu MSRED 2011
Qingying Xia MSRED 2016
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Brian Keith Yeley M.Arch 1991
Jessica Yoon MSRED 2016
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Huiming Yu MSRED 2016
Li Yu MSRED 2016
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Rodrigo Zamora CC 2008, M.Arch 2011
Mark Edward Zannoni MSUP 1994
Adam Jacob Zaret MSRED 2016
Colton Clarke Zehr MSRED 2016
Pedro Fernando Zevallos MSRED 2011
Boming Zhai MSRED 2016
Mengjiao Zhang
Kin Wai Zhao MSRED 2016
Wei Zhao
Guangbin Zhen MSRED 2016
Hanyue Zhu MSRED 2005
Yifan Zhu MSRED 2016
Hermann Walter Zschiegner MSAAD 2000