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MSRED Alumni Mentorship Program

The MSRED Alumni Mentorship Program matches current students with alumni according to mutual interests and backgrounds.  The program offers the opportunity for one-on-one guidance throughout the fall and spring semesters, as well as broader networking during the program’s biannual mentorship events. The program is designed to:
  •     • Provide students with insight and a chance for exploration into the current Real Estate climate and opportunities in various sectors of the field
  •     • Help students acclimate as future professionals by clarifying career goals, identifying resources and contacts, and planning job search strategies
  •     • Keep alumni connected with each other and future alumni, as well as informed about the current MSRED program
Each year, mentorship applications take place in July and matching occurs at the beginning of August. The program runs from August through the students’ graduation in May. 

If you would like to participate as an alumni mentor, please contact the MSRED Career Development Officer, Kate Rockey-Harris (kar2156@columbia.edu / 212-854-0057) to learn how to get involved.

MSRED Internship Program

Students in the MSRED program can intern in the fall and spring semesters. Recruiting interns is an excellent way to immediately add value to business operations, engage in mentoring with current students, and develop a pipeline of potential job candidates.
    • Fall internships run from September-December (recruitment from July to early-September)
    • Spring internships run from January-May (recruitment from November to mid-January)
The internships can count towards 1.5 credits of electives (per semester) if they meet the 80-hour minimum requirement. Typically, MSRED students can commit between 8-16 hours per week.

If you would like to offer an internship to current students, please contact the MSRED Career Development Officer, Kate Rockey-Harris (kar2156@columbia.edu / 212-854-0057) to learn about application options.

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