Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to more than one program?

You can only apply to more than one program if you are applying to dual-degree programs within the GSAPP.

Dual-degree programs within the GSAPP are:

Master of Architecture and M.S. Urban Planning
Master of Architecture and M.S. Historic Preservation
Master of Architecture and M.S. Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices in Architecture
Master of Architecture and M.S. Real Estate Development
M.S. Urban Planning and M.S. Historic Preservation
M.S. Urban Planning and M.S. Real Estate Development
M.S. Historic Preservation and M.S. Real Estate Development

The following list of dual degree programs are offered in conjunction with other schools at Columbia.  Applicants must apply to each school separately.  

M.S. Urban Planning and Master of Business Administration (in conjunction with the Business School)
M.S. Urban Planning and Master of International Affairs (in conjunction with the School of International and Public Affairs)
M.S. Urban Planning and Juris Doctor (in conjunction with the School of Law)
M.S. Urban Planning and Master of Science in Social Work (in conjunction with the School of Social Work)
M.S. Urban Planning and Master of Science in Public Health (in conjunction with the Mailman School of Public Health)

For more information, please refer to:

Can I apply to both the M.S. AAD and the M.S. AUD Programs?

Applicants may only apply to one of the two programs. Duplicate applications will be rejected.  If multiple applications are received, the GSAPP will process the first application submitted and discard the others. 

What if my test scores do not meet the minimum requirement?

The GSAPP is committed to a fair and transparent admissions process.  For this reason, we will not waive test score requirements or make exceptions for candidates who have lower scores. 

Applicants who do not meet the minimum scores may choose to retake the exam.  The GSAPP will update applications with new scores until one month after the deadline (provided the first round of test scores were submitted by the application deadline). 

How do I waive my TOEFL score?

Students who have completed two full years of schooling in an institution whose official language of instruction is English are eligible to waive the TOEFL exam.  

The exam can be waived directly in the online application for students who have completed a bachelor's degree that meets the requirements.  Students who meet the requirement via a Master's degree should email the Admissions Office at arch_admissions@columbia.edu for further instructions. 

Do I need to have the M.Arch prerequisites completed by the application deadline?

You do not have to complete the prerequisites by the deadline. You will need to have them completed before you start the program in the fall.

Do you offer scholarships?

We offer need-based scholarships to U.S citizens and permanent residents. You will need to submit an application and tax forms by the application deadline. The scholarship form can be completed through the online application system.

Click here for more information on scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

How do I apply for an application fee waiver?

Fee waivers are granted to McNair Scholars, applicants in the Peace Corps or the military, and to those who currently receive financial aid from their home institutions.  

Documentation should be sent via email to arch_admissions@columbia.edu or via fax to 646.304.6765.  Applicants should create an application online before submitting documentation. Decisions are processed within 3 days.

I'm financially independent; do I still need to submit my parents' financial information?

You must submit your parents' financial information. Most of our students are independent from their parents and have been so for several years. In order to make a fair and accurate judgment about a student's need, we need to ask for this information.

Scholarships will be considered only if the application has been filled out appropriately and all tax forms have been submitted.

Will applying for scholarships affect my chance to be admitted?

Applying for scholarships will not affect your chance to be admitted. Admissions decisions are need-blind.

Is financial aid available for international students?

At this time we do not offer need-based financial aid to international students. However, international students may be eligible to apply for student loans. A co-signer who is a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident and lives in the U.S is usually required. Please contact our student Financial Planning office at 212.854.7040 for further information.

Can I apply for the spring term?

We do not have spring admissions. All programs begin in the fall term with the exception of the M.S. Advanced Architectural Design, M.S. in Real Estate Development, and M.S. Architecture and Urban Design programs, which begin in the summer.

When do the programs begin?

The M.S.AAD, M.S. RED, and M.S.AUD programs begin in the summer (usually in the end of May or beginning of June).
All other programs begin in the fall term (beginning of September).

Can I tour the school?

We do not give individual tours, but you are always welcome to visit the school. Prospective students are invited to attend our open house in the fall term and admitted students have another chance to visit the school in the spring. Please check the prospective students section of our website for upcoming dates.

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