Craig Buckley

Director: Publications

The books published through the Office of Publications at GSAPP are some of the most enduring records of the school’s intellectual life. They cut across diverse strata within the school, ranging from long-term research projects to studios, with topics ranging from contemporary urbanism to materials, from primary sources in history and theory to exhibition catalogues, and from faculty research projects to labs. The magazines and journals we produce get closer to the actual rhythm of conversation and dialogue within the school. And yet, even in their diversity, the school’s publications capture only a small fraction of what occurs at GSAPP. While remaining committed to print, the Office of Publications is broadening its notion of publication, redeveloping the website as a platform and hub capable of responding to the different speeds and formats of the contemporary publishing, distributing, and reading, ranging from printed books, pamphlets, and posters, to PDF, print-on-demand, and eventually, e-book formats.

GSAPP Books Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

GSAPP Books Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 Booklet and Poster

Designed by Glen Cummings / MTWTF. Download here.

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