Juan Herreros

Director: M.Arch Advanced Studios

Hilary Sample

Director: M.Arch Core Studios

Enrique Walker

Director: Ms.AAD

Kenneth Frampton

Director: History/Theory

Laura Kurgan

Director: Visual Studies, Spatial Information Design Lab

Craig Schwitter

Director: Bldg Science & Technology

Paul Segal

Director: Professional Practice

The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) has evolved over more than a century, beginning with the establishment of a program in architecture at Columbia College in l88l - one of the first such professional programs in the country. While the number of specialized programs being offered by the school has multiplied over the years, architecture remains the intellectual core of the school, providing the central focus for more than half of the students and faculty, in addition to conferring a unique identity onto each of the other affiliated programs. All programs share a commitment to both professional training and research. The curriculum and philosophy stress the necessity of analyzing and challenging the underlying history, premises, and future directions of the design professions, even as students are prepared to become accomplished practitioners in their respective fields of specialization.

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