Real Estate Development

Master of Science in Real Estate Development

Vishaan Chakrabarti

Holliday Professor of Real Estate 

Kate Ascher

Ph.D., Milstein Professor of Urban Development

The Real Estate Development program, which grants the MSRED degree, provides an exceptional education for students of all backgrounds seeking to master not only the fundamentals of the industry, such as development finance, transactions, or construction management, but also to address emerging and current global issues through the lens of urbanization at the Center for Urban Real Estate,(CURE.) established in 2011. 

Master of Science in Real Estate Development

The Real Estate Development program at Columbia University provides an unrivalled location for study in New York City, the center of the global real estate industry, and is housed in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), a world-renowned nexus for the design and development community.

Under the leadership of Director Vishaan Chakrabarti, the Real Estate Development program's expanded three-semester curriculum combines the fundamental skills of professional real estate with a holistic approach to urban development as a creative act. Graduates receive a Master of Science of Real Estate Development (MSRED) in an intensive calendar year spanning from May to May. Cross-disciplinary electives draw on the program's access to the extraordinary offerings of GSAPP and Columbia at large, while required coursework immerses students in the three core tenets of urban real estate development: the financial, the physical, and the legal. Synthetic coursework encompassing development case studies, international real estate issues, and a thesis bring these three strands together into a unified whole, arming students with the full range of professional and intellectual skills needed to tackle the complex demands of global urban real estate development.

CURE. The Center for Urban Real Estate

CURE is an unparalleled resource for students enrolled in the Real Estate Development program, providing them with competitive, market-driven advantages relative to real estate programs and degrees offered elsewhere. These benefits are rooted in the center's unique focus on urbanization as a dynamic force that is altering the pace, performance, and practice of global real estate development.

Through CURE, faculty and students engage with development industry leaders in the classroom and on the street, working directly to identify, share, and advocate solutions to the challenges posed by a rapidly transforming world. By hosting and participating in conferences, symposia, publications, and in-classroom activities overseen by CURE, students will develop a sophisticated understanding of real estate development's most pressing issues. As they transition into practitioners in the field, CURE participants will lead the way in addressing the greatest challenges in urban development.

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