2015-2016 Academic Year*

Degree Programs
Tuition, per semester $25,440 12-19pts
Non-degree Programs
NY/Paris, per semester $17,250 12-19pts
Introduction to Architecture $3,450
Special Student, Part-time $1,696 per pt
Special Student, Full-time $25,440 12-19pts
University Fees: General Fees (automatically assessed at registration)
International Services Charge $60 per term
Transcript Fee (required) $105 one time
University Facilities Fee (required) $484 per term
Health Service and Medical Insurance fees
Fall Semester Spring Semester
Health Service Fee (required) $475 $475 incl. Summer
Medical Insurance Plan Premiums: Basic $1,057 $1,726 incl. Summer
Medical Insurance Plan Premiums: Comprehensive $1,539 $2,510 incl. Summer

Please visit the Columbia website below for further information on fees: http://sfs.columbia.edu/other-fees

2016-2017 tuition is pending approval by the Trustees of Columbia University

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