Javier Arpa

Javier Arpa is the Research and Education Coordinator of The Why Factory at TU Delft. Having completed a Master of Science in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology, Javier specialises in the dissemination of architectural and urbanism practice.

He is the curator of the exhibitions Paris Habitat and Paysages Habités, held in 2015 at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris, and the author of the monograph Paris Habitat: One Hundred Years of City, One Hundred Years of Life.

Javier was Senior Editor for a+t research group, one of Europe’s leading publishers in architecture and urbanism. His expertise in housing is manifested in the publications of a+t’s Density series, which he coauthored. His passion for the city as the essential format capable for promoting the resolution of competing urban uses is reflected in the Hybrids and Civilities series, which he also co-authored. In addition, Javier’s ability to analyze urban landscapes and public spaces from an editorially distinct perspective is visible in the In Common series, The Public Chance volume and the Strategy series, all of which he co-authored.

Javier has lectured at numerous Universities, Institutions and International Workshops. In 2013, he co-organized the conference The City That Never Was in cooperation with the Architectural League of New York. This event used the current economic and urban crisis in Spain as a lens through which to consider future global patterns of urbanization and settlement.

He worked for a number of architecture firms in Argentina, The Netherlands, Spain and France, and led several urban planning projects in China. As a consultant, he currently provides independent advice to the different stakeholders involved in the development of a variety of urban design projects in France.


Course Semester Title Instructor Syllabus Requirements & Sequence Location & Time Session & Points Call No.
A4105‑9 Fall 2016
Architecture Studio V
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ARCH_Maas Arpa Ravon_Fancheng Fei_FA16_03_CALORIEBURNERBLOCK.jpg
Winy Maas, Javier Arpa
600/700 AVERY, 113 AVERY
M & TH 1:30 PM - 6:30 PM, F 3 PM - 5 PM
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