Toru Hasegawa

Toru Hasegawa is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia GSAPP, and has focused on teaching, research and architecture in New York City and Tokyo since 2006. Toru is currently a Co-creator of The Morpholio Project, researching the ways in which the proliferation of device culture, the development of the cloud, and the ubiquity of social networking, are collectively shaping the creative process. Toru is also an adjunct assistant faculty member at the Columbia University GSAPP where he teaches seminars on building construction technology and spatial computing. In addition, along with Mark Collins, Toru is a Co-founder of Proxy which explores potentials within the computational paradigm for a range of clients and institutions, providing expertise in both design and realization. Morpholio seeks to create a new platform for presentation, dialogue, and collaboration relevant to all designers, artists and members of any image driven culture advancing the ways that we discuss, debate, and critique our work with a global community.


Course Semester Title Student Work Instructor Syllabus Requirements & Sequence Location & Time Session & Points Call No.
A4707‑1 Spring 2018
Advanced Models in Architectural Simulation
Mark Collins, Toru Hasegawa
115 Avery
TH 7 PM - 9 PM
Full Semester
3 Points
A4793‑1 Spring 2018
Toru Hasegawa, Mark Collins
505 Avery
TU 7 PM - 9 PM
Session B: 3/5-4/20
1.5 Points