Space & Place in Storytelling

Mon, May 15, 2017    6:30pm

As audio and video storytelling becomes more sophisticated, what is the potential for architecture and design? Could new media and technologies become the catalyst for a new type of design communication? Or even push us away from narratives centered around the architect-as-genius and (finally) towards the lived experiences of users? Join James Taylor-Foster (ArchDaily) and Vanessa Quirk (Metropolis/Tow Center for Digital Journalism) in a conversation with Shumi Bose and Guglielmo Mattioli (New York Times) about the future of design storytelling.

James Taylor-Foster, European Editor-at-Large, ArchDaily
Vanessa Quirk, Web Editor, Metropolis
Shumi Bose, Senior Lecturer, Central Saint Martins
Guglielmo Mattioli, News Assistant, New York Times Daily 360

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Co-organized by Columbia GSAPP with ArchDaily and Metropolis.