Public Space Workshop 2011: Response

Directors: Jennifer Broutin, Kamal Farah

The 2011 session of the workshop focuses on Response. As an immedi- ate necessity of public space, Response requires environments that are adaptive, supported by infrastructures sensitive to a dynamic context. Re- sponse varies depending on frequency and magnitude, effecting change and stimulating action. At once sustained through feedback and depen- dent on interaction, the activated environment becomes a participant in the formation of emergent public space.

Amman, Jordan
July, 2011


Leen Fakhoury, University of Jordan 
Fakhry Akkad, American University of Beirut 
Emre Alturk, Bilgi University, Istanbul 
Seda Zirek, Bilgi University, Istanbul

Student Participants

Columbia University GSAPP

James Amaya 
Gustavo Bonet 
Annie Chen 
Kelly Danz 
Lindsay Kunz 
Jennifer Romeo 
Joanna Ha Yean Shin

University of Jordan

Siham Al-Aref 
Tamara Al-ja’nini 
Jomana Baddad 
Fadia Barjous 
Nida’ Muhsen 
Sandy Naffa 
Basel Soussou

American University of Beirut

Gamar Markarian
Rand Salah

German Jordanian University

Zeina Al Thawabtheh

Bilgi University, Istanbul

Nazli Tumerdem 
Dilara Sezgin


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