Public Space Workshop 2010: Comfort

Directors: Jennifer Broutin, Kamal Farah

The 2010 session of the workshop focuses on Comfort. As a precondition for public space, Comfort is necessary to provide an environment in which assembly and exchange may occur. The determinants of Comfort vary from location to location with each population measuring its perfor- mance. With physical, virtual, sensorial and emotional attributes, Comfort has the ability to be transmitted through different mediums and at varying scales. It is delicate, illusive, and necessary.

Amman, Jordan
July, 2010


Raed Al Tal, Jordan University of Science & Technology
Muain A. Qasem, Birzeit University
George Katodrytis, American University of Sharjah
Kevin Mitchell, American University of Sharjah

Student Participants

Columbia University GSAPP

Patrick William Conway
Cristina Maria Handal Gonzales
Eugene Lee
Michael Nham 
Sishir Varghese

Jordan University of Science & Technology

Aroob Abed Al Naser Alatoom
Faisal Zuhair Faisal Ali
Mison Mohammad Ismail AbuKhhdeir 
Dana Fathi Audallah
Saja Hasan Hazaymeh
Rami Raji Saad

Birzeit University

Ali Chater
Jehad Kmeil 
Athat Mofreh 
Yara Saqf-Elhait 
Sammer Wannan

American University of Sharjah

Rami Alotaibi 
Bahar Al Bahar
Sawsan Al Bahar 
Joudi Mahfouz


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