Public Space Workshop

Directors: Jennifer Broutin, Kamal Farah

As a collaborative model for trans-disciplinary research and development, the Workshop has evolved as a rapid response to investigating the future of public space in cities.

Operating outside traditional organizational boundaries, the Workshop is at once the method and outcome, emphasizing diversity, exchange, and innovation.

An agile incubator, the Workshop assembles experts for a limited duration focused on a single issue. Collaborators contribute proposals in an effort to uncover emergent issues and activate participation.

With each iteration, the Workshop expands globally in scope and scale. The outcome of which is a networked resource of collaborators for continued feedback.

The outcome is a networked resource of collaborators for continued feedback.
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View images from the 2011 workshop, "Response"

View images from the 2009 workshop, "Intimacy"

View images from the 2010 workshop, "Comfort"


Fakhry Akkad, American University of Beirut
Raed Al Tal, Jordan University of Science & Technology
Emre Alturk, Bilgi University, Istanbul
Yuval Baer, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Leen Fakhoury, University of Jordan
George Katodrytis, American University of Sharjah
Kevin Mitchell, American University of Sharjah
Muain A. Qasem, Birzeit University
Seda Zirek, Bilgi University, Istanbul
Phil Anzalone, Columbia GSAPP
Nora Akwai, Amman Lab
Rajeev Thakker, Studio-X Mumbai
Nazli Gonensay, Studio-X Istanbul
JuMana A. J., Jordan University of Science and Technology
Dr.Yasemen Say Özer, Yildiz University
Dr. Tan Kamil Gürer, Yildiz University
Dr. Pınar Arabacıoğlu, Yildiz University
Ayhan Boyur, Yildiz University
Bahar Deniz Calis Kural, Bilgi University
Can Altay, Bilgi University
Dr. Arzu Erdem, Istanbul Technical University
Dr. Guven Arif Sargin, Middle Eastern Technical University
Dr. Deniz İncedayi, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

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