Supernova Exhibition: A collaboration between Faîscas and Smael


Intelligent and strategic action potentials of graffiti are borne out of an engagement with existing urban contexts, activating often neglected and forgotten surfaces full of opportunity towards new imaginaries for and of the city. But what if both geometry and graffiti could inform each other simultaneously during their processes of creation?

SUPERNOVA marks a critical milestone in an ongoing project between FAISCAS, a non-profit initiative with its mission to facilitate uniquely charged collaborative intersections between art and architecture in Rio de Janeiro, and Smael Vagner, the internationally recognized artist whose work is born out of the imaginative urban territory of Rio. Perhaps the most distinctive and exciting aspect of this project sparks from the immense potential to cultivate dialogue that is yet to be imagined and extend its collaborative dexterity into the distant future.

The installation is on view at Circo Voador from June 21-24, 2012 and at Cine Santa Gallery from June 29-July 27, 2012.

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