Joint Advanced Architectural Design & Historic Preservation Studio Travels to Studio-X Rio De Janeiro


Twelve GSAPP AAD/HP students traveled to Rio de Janeiro with Professors Craig Konyk (AAD) and Jorge Otero-Pailos (HP) as part of their Advanced Studio coursework.

This year’s studio research question asks whether historic preservation can offer a new model of urban transformation and regeneration that is not dependent upon the value of “newness.” Studio-X Rio is a particularly important laboratory for such research as the city is poised to undergo a major urban transformation in anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The AAD/HP Advanced Studio asks students to experiment with preservation as a new design strategy for envisioning the future transformation of Rio. Students will select from a given list of significant sites visited within Rio’s Centro neighborhood, and propose the creation of an urban ensemble that incorporates the historical architectural artifact as the primary element of the composition utilizing street, plaza, and landscape within the proposed intervention.