The Studio-X Mission

Each Studio-X is a new kind of cultural space in the city

Bringing together the worlds of architecture, design, art, planning, preservation, construction, media, business, education, and research

A special relationship with local artists: visual, multi-media, installation, performance, music, literature

Not tied to any existing institution

A neutral space in the heart of the city

Fostering a whole new kind of conversation about the future of our cities, countries, regions, and the globe

Incubating and supporting new forms of creativity

Not a school, think-tank, gallery, performance space, communication center, or office–but elements of all

Studio-X is an open flexible work area with exhibition space, book gallery, lecture space, meeting space, some offices and a serious espresso machine

During the day: a collaborative workspace, with diverse teams from the city, the region, and the globe working on designs, research, art works, reports, books, magazines, exhibitions, media, websites...

During the evening: a space of passionate discussion, with lectures, debates, seminars, meetings, book launches, music performances, exhibition openings…

A hot spot, buzzing with social energy, invention, and dedication to a better future

A space for fresh explorative thinking

Welcoming all groups from the most radical artists to the largest corporations

A cultural space that belongs to the city, representing its most passionate, urgent needs and celebrating its unique strengths

Deep friendship and collaboration with local schools, cultural organizations, think-tanks, business, government, and foundations

Concentrating and communicating the wisdom of the city, the country and the continent

Celebrating local issues and expertise within a global network of similar Studio-X creative spaces

Leadership cities in leadership regions exchanging ideas in an unprecedented synergy of expertise and inventiveness

The first truly networked global think-tank devoted to real-time engagement with the future of the world’s built environment

New bridges of creativity between continents

Allowing the world to learn from the world