Visual Resources Collection

Curator: Sharon Leung
Assistant Curators: Ayesha Ghosh + Cameron Wade Hardinge-Rooney
Contact: gsappvrc@columbia.edu
Location: Fayerweather 204

The Visual Resources Collection (VRC) is a student-run facility providing GSAPP students and faculty with more than 200,000 images in digital, 35mm slide, and lantern slide formats. Our collection also includes VHS and DVD recordings of over twenty years of lectures and events held at GSAPP.

Students and faculty can access our entire digital collection of images using an intranet site from any GSAPP computer. That website is fully searchable and includes all of our current database entries, including images and media.


Alumni and outside researchers cannot view the intranet site without access to a GSAPP computer, but are free to make an appointment with our curators on a limited basis to discuss research needs.

The Collection


The 35mm slide collection covers faculty research interests, images used in history courses, work presented by guest lecturers, and a survey of world architectural history from antiquity to the present day. In addition to 35mm and digital formats, the VRC owns a unique collection of antique lantern slides. Created using a technology that is no longer supported, the high-resolution lantern slides often present spaces and views that are the oldest and or completely unique surviving record of past places. These images can be viewed in the Slide Library during open hours.

Our digital image collection grows daily as staff archive and add new images selected by professors, critics or the student curators.


All GSAPP Evening lectures, including many prominent and distinguished practitioners and theorists, are recorded and available for student and faculty use. The VRC offers a range of conferences, films, animations, and related subject matter dating back to 1989 on both VHS and DVD formats. Current GSAPP students and faculty are permitted to borrow all VRC materials (including lecture videos) for presentations, study or other academic purposes.

GSAPP lecture series videos may also be viewed online using the school's Livestream channel or archived in the GSAPP YouTube page.

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm

If you are unavailable to visit the VRC during open hours, please contact one of the curators to schedule an appointment.

Work Opportunities

As a student run facility, all GSAPP students are invited to apply for a staff position (Work Study eligibility preferred). Entering M.Arch students who work during Year 1 are eligible to apply for one of two Assistant Curator positions during Year II and the VRC Curator position during Year III. Curators work closely with the advisory faculty committee and are awarded tuition stipends.


The VRC staff is available to scan small orders for GSAPP faculty and students. To place a digitization request, please stop by Fayerweather 204 or contact a curator at gsappvrc@columbia.edu.

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