Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices Student Awards

All awards will be announced at the School Commencement ceremony.

CCCP Thesis Awards

1. For the thesis exhibiting the most rigorous conceptual development and the most complementary format or medium.

2. For the thesis making the most significant contribution to the public sphere and which includes a realized component.

CCCP Program Award

This prize is for high academic attainment in the CCCP Program.

Visual Studies Award

Computing/Media/Design award Graduating students in M.Arch, AAD, UD & CCCP are eligible. This prize is for innovative use of computing media in architectural research, design and fabrication. This may include spatial explorations, which involve simulations/animations, multimedia scripting, interactive environments/interfaces, datavisualization, or fabrication. Students who wish to be considered for this prize should submit their projects on CD-ROM, DVD or as a URL to a web site, to the Dean's Office, 402 Avery Hall, by 5 pm on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. Award is announced at graduation.

Percival and Naomi Goodman Fellowship

Graduating students in M.Arch, AAD, UP, UD, HP, and CCCP are eligible. The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable the recipient to carry out a project of social significance related to the interests of Percival Goodman. Projects should be strongly humanist and excite the possibility that lives can be changed for the better. Proposal deadline: TBD (spring 2016). The project may be undertaken anywhere in the world. It may last up to one year after graduation and must be concluded with a final report.

Please see the Goodman Fellowship webpage for more information and application instructions.

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