The Output Shop Resources

Student Guide to the OPS

Click here to download the student guide to the OPS packet.

Notification Spreadsheet

Click on the following links to see if your job has finished:

3D Printing

Laser Cut Template

Click here to download the laser cut template. 

Printing Template

Click here to download the Printing template. This is not necessary to print, but it is helpful in setting up your file.

Job Request Form

Click here to download the job request form. 

The OPS only accepts files for submission on CD/DVDs. We do not accept USB drives or any other external media.

Job Request Forms can be found in the Output Shop. Forms that are incorrectly filled will be skipped over until they are corrected. To correctly fill in a form, put your name, UNI, professor's name, date and disc label at the top of the form. If you have any special requests, please write them in the "Special Instructions" section. This section is not reserved for the words "ASAP", we know you want it as soon as possible.

It is nice to provide your phone number as we will often ring you if you do not respond promptly to email. However, please understand that employees are not obligated to call you simply because you put your phone number; it is a courtesy we extend if time permits.

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