Plotting - Large Format

The OPS1 is equipped with four design-jet plotters. Dimensions of print jobs are limited to 36" in width and up to 128" in length.

Cost of Services

Plots are priced by the linear foot.

Heavyweight Bond $6 per ft
Lightweight Bond $4 per ft
Mylar $9 per ft
Satin Gloss $9 per ft


We have four plotters for direct student use, filenames without a student uni will not be printed.

In order to use the self-plotters, please do the following:
  • 1) Press the Windows button + R, or go to "Start" on the Windows Task Bar and then "Run..."
  • 2) Type "\\Pegasus"
  • 3) The plotter printers are named after the paper they will use:
    Heavyweight Bond 1
    Heavyweight Bond 2
    Satin Gloss
  • 4) Right click on a printer and click "Connect"

You are now ready to print large format images!  When printing, please make sure you apply the correct settings.  This is very important as THE PRINTSHOP WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR JOBS PRINTED WITH INCORRECT SETTINGS.  As such, it is important to follow these basic guidelines:

  • 1) If you are plotting a file that ONLY contains Black ink, use the Black and White setting to avoid tone problems.
  • 2) Students should use RGB/Adobe 1998 for color match settings as the plotters are set and calibrated to this standard.
  • 3) Black and White line drawings WITHOUT color should be printed on Fast Mode.  Please use the Black and White setting as well.
  • 4) The OPS will not be responsible for files printed on the wrong paper, wrong orientation, size, or if colors are incorrect.
  • Files are printed in the order they are added to the queue. 

Click here to download instructions on how correctly size and orient your job.


Notification Spreadsheet

  • -Log in with your Columbia uni and password (your GSAPP computer account information).  
  • -Click on "Start", then "Printers and Faxes", then double click on the printer you've submitted your job to and you will see where you are relative to other jobs.

Payment & Pick Up

The OPS has a 24 hour turnaround time to complete submitted jobs. Please note that during midterms and finals, this turnaround time may be longer.

Please do not inquire about your job if it is not posted in the Notification Spreadsheet.


An email will be sent to the student as soon as an error is discovered. Students must visit the shop to deal with problems. Problems cannot be dealt with via email or other form of communication, unless a phone call is made by the OPS employee to the student.

If there is an error due to the OPS, we will reprint the file at no charge to the student. The job will be moved to the front of the queue.

If there is an error due to the student, the student will be charged for the print AND the reprint if the job is resubmitted. The resubmitted job will be moved to the end of the queue.

Note: Lightweight bond is usually reserved for black and white line drawings. Colors printed on lightweight bond will look different than colors printed on the other paper types available. 

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