The Output Shop

Manager: Carlito Bayne

The Output Shop is a full service print facility serving GSAPP students only.

Services provided include plotting large drawings, laser cutting and 3D printing. The OPS currently operates four laser cutters, five Stratasys 3D printers and four design-jet plotters. Prices are set at a small fraction of average commercial rates in Manhattan.

Tito: tito@arch.columbia.edu
Diana: diana@arch.columbia.edu
Teaching Assistants: outputshop@gmail.com

Output Shop Orientation Video

All students are required to watch the orientation video above before beginning to use the services of Output Shop.

Once you have finished watching, please remember to take the online quiz at proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=NTQ0MTcx. Once you have passed, please print your certificate and bring it down to the Output Shop to get an OPS Certified sticker for your ID. You will not be able to use the OPS until you have this sticker.

Regular Hours & Locations

*The schedule is subject to change— especially during midterms and finals

OPS is open 7 days a week, from 10am-10pm. 

Cost of Services

For Plotting
Heavyweight Bond $6 per ft
Lightweight Bond $4 per ft
Mylar $9 per ft
Satin Gloss $9 per ft
For Laser Cutting
Employee-run jobs $5 per half hour
For 3D Printing
Dimension Printer $5.00/in3 for model material and $5.00/in3 for support material



Students must pay before they receive their jobs. IDs cannot be held as collateral. No money, no job. No exceptions.

The OPS only accepts the flex account as a form of payment. We do not take accounts, cash, credit/debit cards, or checks.

Money can be placed on a student's flex account card or student ID card using the machine on the 6th floor of Avery in the glass room next to the men's restroom. Money can also be added to an account online using SSOL. Please note that the online SSOL service accepts credit cards but takes 4-6 hours for the money to appear on your card. The 6th floor machine puts the money in your account instantly but accepts cash only.
Please check here for changes in hours!

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