GIS Tips & Tricks

Below is a list of tips and tricks for working with ArcGIS 10:

  • 1. Save your project files often! ArcGIS is a memory intensive program that has the unfortunate tendency to freeze or crash. Please remember to save your files several times during any working session to avoid losing your work.
  • 2. If you are having difficulty performing a task that you have previously executed, save your file, close out of ArcGIS and re-launch the program.
  • 3. ArcGIS uses a significant amount of your computer's virtual memory. In some cases, this memory may not be freed even after you have completed a function. This is why your computer will freeze or crash while using the program. As a precaution, we highly recommend that you periodically close and re-open GIS to free the memory. In some cases you may even need to reboot your computer.
  • 4. If you are having trouble performing a repeat task, open a new project file and try to perform that task in the new window. Project files often become corrupt and you may be required to start anew.
  • 5. Do not include spaces in your file names.
  • 6. Keep file names short! If you find yourself unable to complete a task that you have already performed, it may be because the file name is too long. ArcGIS may not allow you to save or perform some commands if your file name has too many characters.

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