GIS Software & Hardware

GSAPP provide the ArcGIS 10 suite of software (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe) on all studio and lab computers.

GPS devices are available for student use. Students should consult the AV department to schedule use of the equipment. For instructions on how to use the GPS device, consult the Tutorial page of this website.

Software Compatibility

Data created and mapped in ArcMap can be exported to CAD software (AutoCAD + Rhino) and vector editing software (Adobe Illustrator). Data can also be used to generate 3D geometry that can be edited and rendered in multiple 3D software packages (Rhino, 3dsMax, Maya). Please refer to the Tutorials section for information.

Rhino, AutoCAD, 3dsMax, Maya, and the Adobe Creative Suite are available on all networked GSAPP computers in both the studios and the labs.

DNR Garmin, the software required to download data from the GPS receivers is available in 202 Fayerweather.

The Rhino Terrain plugin is available on the computers in Fayerweather 202. Information on using this tool is available on the Tutorials page of this website.

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