Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having a technical problem presenting media in a GSAPP classroom, can you help?

Yes! Consult the GSAPP AV Classroom Tutorial. If you are still having trouble, call us at (212) 854-1842 or stop by 203 Fayerweather and we’d be happy to help you.

I’m having a technical problem with my studio computer, can you help?

No. The AV Office does not service or maintain student computers. Please submit a Helpdesk Ticket with the GSAPP IT Department.

I’m in a GSAPP classroom and I can’t log on to the computer, is there a default login that I can use?

No. In order to use any GSAPP computer, you must login with your GSAPP account info. Don’t have a GSAPP account? Fill out a Computer Account Request Form. Still having problems? Try restarting the CPU, this often corrects potential network errors. Still having problems? Call or come see us.

I’ve organized a special event at GSAPP. Will you record this event for me?

No. However, you may reserve a video camera or audio recorder from the AV Office and record the event yourself.

I suddenly need a camera/audio recorder/gps device. Can I check this equipment without a reservation?

No. In some cases, based on availability, we will accept an email or phone call from your professor as a reservation if they state that they did not give you ample lead-time to complete an assignment. This is not a guaranteed exception.

My professor just told me to reserve a laptop/projector for tomorrow and it’s past 5pm. Will you accept my late reservation?

No. In this case, your professor must come in person to retrieve the equipment from the AV Office. Students without confirmed reservations will be turned away.

I have a review on a Saturday and the AV Office is closed. Can I check out a laptop or projector over the weekend?

No. In this case you should use one of the many GSAPP classrooms with built in computers and/or projectors.

I need to use a camera/audio recorder for longer than 24 hours. Can I make multiple reservations in order to keep the equipment longer?

No. In order to provide fair access to all students, you may not make back-to-back reservations. In some cases permission from the Dean’s Office may permit you to keep equipment beyond the standard checkout period.

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