Urban Planning Student Work

International Placemaking – Fall 2010

Students in Professor Clara Irazabal's International Placemaking course spent the semester addressing contemporary planning issues from across the globe. The students developed semester-long group projects which critically analyze and compare the nuanced differences across planning contexts, assess the level of effectiveness of planning approaches used in addressing such conditions and their resulting place-based effects, and envision better planning practices to make progress in the attainment of more just cities. The abstracts of their projects are linked below:

Methods Coursework

All Urban Planning students are required to take at least one methods course. These courses are crucial for helping planners develop the skills to present visual data and design in a clear, articulate manner. Students enrolled in these courses use real sites and scenarios to learn the spatial visualization techniques necessary for effective communication in the planning field. The skills learned in these courses can become crucial for the work planners do in other courses and for thesis research.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, Methods courses will include: Introduction to GIS, Advanced GIS, Fundamentals of Urban Digital Design, Presentations as Strategic Planning Tools, Negotiations for Planners, and Techniques of Project Evaluation.
GIS - Casey Wang and Alison Mayer. Included in Abstract 2010. Download the PDF
GIS - Andrew Watanabe. Included in Abstract 2010. Download the PDF

Urban Design Workshop for Planners - Spring 2010

This design workshop required students to work in groups to produce comprehensive reports about a specific site area- requiring the use of skills acquired in GIS and Fundamentals of Urban Digital Design.

Click below for project examples from these courses.

Spaces of Migration - Spring 2010

Adjunct professor Kaja Kuehl taught a new planning course called Spaces of Migration, which explores the local aspect of global migration; the places where migrants settle, form communities and networks, and establish economic and social spaces.

The final product of this exciting seminar was a compiled publication of case studies researched and documented by students Kate BrickAngela CroneVikram GillMichal GrossRyan JacksonPaul James,Lauren JezienickiKris Ongoco and Gita Subramony.

Final Report: Urban Spaces and Migration: Case Studies of Migrant Communities and Their Impact on Local Urban Environments

Visit the course website: www.spacesofmigration.org