Urban Planning Student Groups

Metro APA Student Relations Committee

The Student Representatives Council (SRC) of the American Planning Association provides a means for students' interests to be represented within APA and promote student participation in the organization.

The SRC is made up of one elected Student Representative from each APA-recognized Planning Student Organization (PSO), an elected representative from each of the six APA regions, the Immediate Past Chair, and the Chair.

Program Council

The Urban Planning Program Council is composed of a group of planning students elected by their peers, who act as coordinators and communicators between the students and the faculty and administration.

Class of 2015
Olga Chernomorets: omc2108@columbia.edu
Jihyeon Jeong: jj2692@columbia.edu
Olivia Jovine: omj2103@columbia.edu

Class of 2016
Andrew Lassiter: arl2189@columbia.edu
Briana Peppers: bdp2112@columbia.edu
If you are interested in being on Program Council and want to learn more about it, click here

APA Planning Student Groups

PSOs are local organizations of 10 or more APA student members. They are intended to help develop strong working relationships between students and their respective chapters, and to foster a sense of community among planning students nationally and even internationally.

Urban China Network

Urban China Network (UCN) is a student organization founded in May 2013 by a group of Columbia GSAPP students with a strong interest in China's urban issues. UCN aims to bring students, scholars as well as practitioners from various disciplines in the Greater New York area into the discussion of China’s urbanization, and ultimately to facilitate the communication between cities in China and the U.S.

For more information contact:
Peiqin Gu
Zhewu Zhuang