Publications and Exhibitions

The nature of Urban Design as public inquiry has resulted in publications and exhibitions and an extensive web-based archive. The work of several Urban Design Studios are published in the MSAUD New Urbanisms series.

Naples: New Urbanisms: Centro Direzionale (1997)
ISBN 1-883584-09-04

Caracas: New Urbanisms: La Cota Mil (1998)
ISBN 1-883584-10-8

New Urbanisms: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina (1998)
ISBN 1-883584-13-2

New Urbanisms: Yonkers Nepperhan Valley (2000)
ISBN 1-883584-17-5

New Urbanisms: Prague 13 (2000)
ISBN 1-883584-18-3

New Urbanisms: Geothermal Larderello (2005)
ISBN 1-568985-34-7

Litoral Central, Venezuela: New Urbanisms (2005)
ISBN 1-568984-46-4

New Urbanisms: Constellations: Constructing Urban Design Practices (2007)
ISBN 1-883584-45-0

New Urbanisms: Eco-Gowanus: Urban Remediation by Design (2007)
ISBN 1-883584-46-7

New Urbanisms: Baltimore Patch Dynamics (2008)
ISBN 1-883584-47-4

The Carbon Studio: Bangkok (2008)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 1-883584-55-8

Mumbai Dharavi: Scenarios for Development (2009)
www.lulu.com. ISBN: 1-883584-59-0

Aspern Vienna: Scenarios for Development (2009)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 1-883584-62-0

Entwerfen Für Das Hausfeld. Designing Housfeld (2009)
Municipality of the City of Vienna.

Kingston Harbor: Development Transects (2010)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 1-883583-65-5

Mumbai Eastern Waterfront: Development Transects (2010)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 1-883584-64-7

Urban Strategies for a Post–Soviet Kharkov (2011)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-1-300-08929-2

Gulin New Town: An Integrated Design Framework (2011)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-0-9822174-2-9

Urban Development in Accra, Ghana (2011)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-0-9822174-1-2

Madureira, Rio De Janeiro & Itaquera, São Paulo: Comparative Informalities (2012) www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-1-300-33841-3

Re-Cultivating the Garden City of Kumasi (2012)
www.lulu.com. ISBN 978-0-9822174-3-6

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