MSRED Course Descriptions


Summer Term
Architecture of Development  3.0 pts.
Real Estate Finance I-Concepts & Models 4.5 pts. 
History of NYC Development 3.0 pts. 
Urban Economics/Market Analysis  3.0 pts. 
  13.5 Total Required Points Summer
Fall Term
Real Estate Law 3.0 pts. 
Construction Management and Technology 3.0 pts. 
Real Estate Finance II-Case Studies & Development Modeling 3.0 pts. 
  9 Total Required Points Fall
Spring Term
International Real Estate Development Core 1.5 pts. 
Real Estate Case Studies 3.0 pts. 
Real Estate Finance III-Capital Markets 3.0 pts. 
  7.5 Total Required Points Spring

30 Total Core Required Points


Summer Term
Development Market Analysis 1.5 pts.
Finance Modeling II 1.5 pts.
Institutional Real Estate 1.5 pts.
Real Estate Investment Analysis 1.5 pts.
Residential Marketing 1.5 pts.
The Transaction Process: Debt, Equity and the Art of Negotiation 1.5 pts.
Fall Term
Affordable Housing Finance Techniques 3.0 pts.
Alternative and Distressed Investment Strategies 3.0 pts.
Developing a High-Performance Building  3.0 pts.
Global Markets: NYC, London & Tokyo  1.5 pts.
Hotel Development and Investment Analysis  1.5 pts.
Hyperdensity and the Future of the City 3.0 pts.
Internship/Individual Research  1.5 pts.
Launching a Real Estate Company 1.5 pts.
Private Equity and Capital Raising 1.5 pts.
Public Private Partnerships in Real Estate Development 3.0 pts.
Real Estate Entrepreneurialism for Architects, Builders, Developers, Buyers & Sellers 3.0 pts.
Skyscrapers: Cities in the Sky 1.5 pts.
Thesis/Individual Research 1.0 pts.
The Urban Estuary: Design and Development Joint Studio 3.0 pts.
Underwriting Intensive I - How to Underwrite Fixed Rates 1.5 pts.
Spring Term
Advanced Legal Seminar: Commercial Leasing 1.5 pts.
Affordable Housing, Development and Policy 1.5 pts.
Asset Management and Ownership 1.5 pts.
Corporate Real Estate 1.5 pts.
Global Practice Studio -Rio 1.5 pts.
International Real Estate Regions (India, China, Brazil, US, Europe anticipated) 1.5 pts.
Internship/Individual Research 1.5 pts.
Investment and Portfolio Management 1.5 pts.
New Directions for Development: Rethinking Workplaces, Buildings and the City 1.5 pts.
Retail Real Estate and Development 1.5 pts.
Thesis 2.0 pts.
Underwriting II 1.5 pts.