MSRED Career Development

The MSRED program is dedicated to providing meaningful professional development programming and opportunities for networking and mentorship. The program employs a full-time career development professional dedicated to real estate students. For more information, please contact the program: realestate@arch.columbia.edu. 

Throughout the academic year, students attend professional development presentations, engage in speed networking with alumni, and participate in the MSRED Alumni Mentorship Program. The MSRED program hosts an annual career fair in the spring semester that is attended by top companies in the industry. Additionally, there are many opportunities for internships and experiential learning projects that enable MSRED students to immediately apply their learned skills in professional contexts and make valuable contacts in the industry.

Graduates succeed in the field of real estate in various areas including: development, acquisitions, institutional investment, private equity, finance, affordable housing, consulting, and the public sector. A notable amount of graduates also pursue entrepreneurial projects. The majority of MSRED alumni live and work in New York City, but the number of graduates working in other domestic markets and international locations increases each year.

Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program for Real Estate Development matches current students with alumni according to mutual interests and backgrounds.  The program offers the opportunity for one-on-one guidance throughout the fall and spring semesters, as well as broader networking during the program’s social mentorship events. The program is designed to:
    • Provide students with insight into the realities of the job market and provide them with opportunites in various sectors of the real estate field
    • Help students acclimate as future professionals by clarifying career goals, identifying resources and contacts, and planning job search strategies
    • Keep alumni connected with each other and future alumni, as well as informed about the current program

If you would like to participate as an alumni mentor for the Real Estate Development Program, please contact realestate@arch.columbia.edu to learn how to get involved.

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