Ph.D Program in Urban Planning Dissertations

Recently Completed Dissertations

James Connolly (2012), Institutional Change in Urban Environmentalism: A Case Study Analysis of State-Level Land Use Legislation in California and New York. Sponsor: Robert Beauregard

Johannes Novy (2011), Marketing Marginalized Neighborhoods: Tourism and Leisure in the 21st Century.  Sponsor: Susan Fainstein (Harvard University, GSD)

Shagun Mehrotra (2011), Reinventing Infrastructure Economics: Theory and Empirics. Sponsor: Hans Smit (Law School)

Constantine Kontokosta (2011), The Political Economy of Inclusionary Zoning: Adoption, Implementation, and Neighborhood Effects.  Sponsor: Lance Freeman

Padmini Biswas (2011), Strategic Parallels: A Class Comparison of South Asian American Immigrant Labor Organizing. Sponsor: Peter Marcuse

James Potter (2010), Boxed In: How Intermodalism Enabled Destructive Interport Competition. Sponsor: Peter Marcuse

Erica Svendsen (2010), Civic Environmental Stewardship as a Form of Governance in New York City. Sponsor: Dana Fisher (Sociology)

Joyce Klein Rosenthal (2010),  Evaluating the Impact of the Urban Heat Island on Public Health: Spatial and Social Determinants of Heat-Related Health Outcomes in New York City.  Sponsor: Elliott Sclar

Matthew Gephardt (2009), Politics, Planning, and Power: Reorganizing and Redeveloping Public Housing in Chicago, Illinois.  Sponsor: Susan Fainstein

Lei Wang (2009), Understanding Foreign Direct Investment in the Context of Entrepreneurial China.  Sponsor; Elliott Sclar

Milena Gomez (2009), New Doors to Development: Remittances and the Housing Industry in Colombia.  Sponsor: Elliott Sclar.