Ph.D Program in Architecture Resources


Upon entering the program, each student will be assigned a program advisor from within the PhD committee, with whom they will consult for the duration of their coursework. This advisor is not selected because of an affinity between their research and the interests of the student. Rather, the program advisor's role is to provide independent guidance and mentorship on all aspects of student life. Students meet at least once each semester with the director of the program and with the program advisor to discuss their academic progress and future plans.

By the date of the oral examination and prior to submitting their dissertation proposal, each student selects a dissertation advisor, to act as a guide during the course of dissertation research and for the dissertation defense. During this or any other time, students are still able to draw on the mentorship of their program advisor.

Financial Aid

A comprehensive program of financial aid is provided. For the duration of their five-year enrollment, all students receive full tuition and a stipend to assist with living expenses.