Architecture Inside/Out Workshop #04

Of Veils and Mournings: Fazal Sheikh's Widowed Images

Eduardo Cadava, Professor of English at Princeton University
Organized around Fazal Shaikh's photographic project, Moksha, this lecture will address the implications of reading images from different historical perspectives. Sheikh's project focuses on the plight of dispossessed Indian widows who make the pilgrimage to Vrindivan, the "city of widows" and the childhood playground of Krishna, to devote themselves to Krishna and to seek "Moksha" or salvation. The talk will offer a reading of Sheikh's photographs and a Benjaminian meditation on the nature of photography in general. Sheikh's project can be viewed under the title "Moksha" on his website: www.fazalsheikh.org

Eduardo Cadava teaches English at Princeton Unversity, and is also an Associate Member of the Department of Comparative Literature, the School of Architecture, and the Center for African American Studies. He is the author of Words of Light: Theses on the Photography of History and Emerson and the Climates of History, and the co-editor, with Aaron Levy, of Cities Without Citizens and, with Ian Balfour, of a special issue of SAQ entitled "And Justice for All?; The Claims of Human Rights". He also has written numerous essays on the relation between literature and politics, modern and contemporary photography, and philosophy and human rights. He is currently finishing a collection of essays on the ethics and politics of mourning entitled Of Mourning, and a small book  on the relations between music and techniques of reproduction, memorization, and writing entitled Music on Bones

This workshop discussion continues the Architecture Inside/Out Project, an interface for discussion about notions of insides and outsides in architectural discourse. 

Coordinated by the PhD students in architecture history and theory at the GSAPP. Sponsored by GSAPP, the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. 

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