Architecture Inside/Out Workshop #01

Popular Mies

with Juan José Lahuerta
coordinated by Maria Gonzalez Pendas and Marta Caldeira

It is little known that the Mies van der Rohe’s work of the 1920s, specially his glass skyscrapers and the Barcelona Pavilion, was not only published in the avant-garde media but also in commercial and popular magazines. Some interesting anonymous photographs show a much different image from the official one that Mies used in his publications. Starting from some of these documents, the talk will pose questions about the popular image of modern architecture and the broadcasting means of the avant-gardes trough commercial magazines and journals.
Juan Jose Lahuerta is an Architect and Architectural historian, Professor of Art and Architecture History at the School of Architecture in Barcelona, he has also taught and lectured broadly across Europe and LatinAmerica. Author of various books on contemporary art and architecture, with an emphasis on early 20th century avant-gardes, his books include Antonio Gaudi, Architecture, Ideology and Politics, and more recently Fenómeno del éxtasis. Dalí ca.1933, and Le Corbusier e la Spagna (2005). Current editorial member of Casabella, Milan, director of the publishing house, Mudito & Co, Barcelona, where he has published pieces like "Destrucción de Barcelona" on the effects of tourism in the city, and "Japonencedades." Lahuerta is the recipient of the III Essay Prize from the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, 2008.

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