Historic Preservation Resources

The Columbia Program is supported by the resources of the School of Architecture Planning and Preservation and of Columbia University. The Program's architectural conservation lab, the nation's first, is fully equipped for contemporary analytic work. Research at Columbia is supported by the resources of the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, the finest in the Western Hemisphere. Columbia studios, courses and workshops take full advantage of its home in New York, the most important historic city in the United States.

Lectures & Conferences

The Historic Preservation Program hosts a student-run lecture series, Inquiry:HP, in addition to participating in GSAPP Events related to preservation. Students and faculty also supplement their preservation education outside of the classroom by attending conferences in the field.

Program Council

Class of 2015
Michael Munro: mjm2302@columbia.edu
Kat Gardner: kcg2114@columbia.edu

Class of 2016
Nicholas Gervasi: nsg2117@columbia.edu
Barrett Reiter: ber2121@columbia.edu

Program Council is responsible for coordinating events relating to new and prospective students, acting as intermediaries between HP students and the department as well as between the GSAPP and HP students. Program Council helps develop the Open House for admitted, prospective students in the spring, and the Orientation for new students in the summer. The HP Program Council members work with Program Council members from other programs in the school to organize and run schoolwide meetings and events. The members are also responsible for fielding questions from prospective students throughout the year.

Elections for Program Council are usually held at the beginning of each school year.

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