Historic Preservation

Andrew S. Dolkart

Director: Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation – the management and conservation of our built heritage – is one of the world’s most exciting professions and a chance for you to do creative work with your previous studies, be they in history, chemistry, anthropology, architecture, or any other field. As a young architectural historian, I came to the profession of Historic Preservation because I wanted to change the world. I wanted to enter a profession where the individual can make a difference. This was the best decision that I ever made, since it resulted in my involvement in a profession that is a progressive force in the creation of better communities for everyone. I hope that you will share this adventure with us. I believe that there are still many opportunities for the professional preservationist to act for good within communities, and I invite you to bring your skills to the task.

At Columbia, we have a multi-disciplinary curriculum that is taught by the largest and most diverse group of professors of any preservation program in the country. Course work is grounded in a solid core. With this basic knowledge students have the opportunity to follow their own unique paths of investigation. The program is lucky in its location in New York City, as we use the extraordinary resources of this metropolis as a teaching tool. But far from being parochial, we hope that each student will branch out in her or his course work and internship, bringing what they have learned in class to projects throughout the United States and all over the world. Indeed, graduates of this program are leaders in preservation across the country and around the globe.

Historic Preservation is a dynamic field. As the profession changes, so do the curriculum and focus of our teaching. Columbia’s Historic Preservation Program, the oldest in the United States, continues to be in the forefront of preservation education and we invite you to investigate our website, visit our facilities, and embark on a career in this most exciting profession.
I look forward to meeting you soon at Columbia!
Andrew S. Dolkart
Director, Historic Preservation Program
James Marston Fitch Associate Professor of Historic Preservation