Advisor: Jeannie Kim and Kazys Varnelis

MS.CCCP 2013

Locating the Blog

In this thesis I would like to unpack and experiment with the content and format of the architecture blog by challenging the critique aimed at them due to their digital format.

New technologies have always meant the creation of new types of discourse, during which moments of overlap create confusion and crisis. Recent debates, both online and in person, between writers of various formats of architectural content show that we have fallen into this moment. Where as their arguments have been focused around a crisis of critique and the validity of the writer in general, the crisis, I believe, is one of format. This format, facilitated by the changing medias made possible by the Internet, is being resisted by many writers who seem to believe great architectural writing can only be created in one way – through traditional means, by traditional scholars, with traditional topics and for a traditional audience.

I believe that the change in format and style of architectural writing that has occurred since the proliferation of blogs has not eroded the credibility of criticism, but opened it up to new possibilities. I would like to demonstrate this by showcasing the immense bodies of work that many of these blogger have created over several years but is rarely discussed or understood. I would like to challenge the idea that print is the only format that equates to validity by taking popular topics and tracing their trajectory around the blogosphere. What happens when the blog becomes ‘the published’ the same way that the published has already become ‘the blog’?

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