Pollyanna Rhee

Advisor: Felicity Scott

MS.CCCP 2011

Elucidating the Articulate Architect: The Objects of John Burchard’s "Alienated Affections."

The thesis considers John Ely Burchard’s career from his appointment as dean of humanities and social sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1949 until his retirement in 1964. Rather than presenting a narrative biography, the thesis touches upon three contexts of Burchard’s career as a window to investigate some of the institutional and intellectual histories of architecture in the two decades following World War II. The first is located within Burchard’s work at M.I.T. The second focuses on his activities with organizations that could be considered cognates to the academy such as the American Academy of Art and Sciences and the Graham Foundation. Finally, the third traces his relationship at Architectural Record from 1951 until 1961.

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