Cloud Lab

Directors: Toru Hasegawa, Mark Collins
Clouds have already been utilized to expand the knowledge frontiers of science, medicine, productivity and entertainment. Clouds work through scalability and vast participation. Clouds bring new understanding to old problems and allow us to pose new questions. Clouds are a new way of thinking. Our mission at the Cloud Lab is to expand the knowledge frontier of architecture and the environment by examining the applications of unique computing technologies in our urban life.

We examine the implications for big data, mass adoption and exponential growth for the ways we construct the physical and mental environment. We create and promote applications for design engineering. We promote new methods of interaction and expression within our environment. 

The Community & Capital Action Research Lab (C2ARL)

Director: Stacey Sutton

The Community & Capital Action Research Lab (C2ARL) provides an infrastructure for cutting-edge research, critical discourse, and empirically informed practice on fundamental questions related to the incessant tension between the needs of community and the imperatives of capital.

Conservation Laboratory

Director: George Wheeler

The Conservation Laboratory serves as the primary teaching venue for conservation courses where lectures, demonstrations, and practicums take place. It supports such courses as Structures, Systems and Materials Iⅈ Architectural Metals; American Architectural Finishes; Concrete, Cast Stone & Mortar; Stone, Brick & Terracotta; Conservation Workshop; and is the fundamental locus for Basic Conservation Science and Laboratory course. Thesis research is also conducted in the laboratory.

Sustainable Living Urban Model Lab (S.L.U.M. Lab)

S.L.U.M. Lab is a global nomadic enterprise bringing together students, planners, and architects worldwide to work towards an understanding of the links between architecture, urban design, urban planning, and poverty alleviation.

Working from the pedagogical context of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, the Lab challenges prevailing notions about urban improvement, searching for innovative methods to optimize the energy of the vernacular and the informal. It works to expand the role of the politically engaged architect and planner, while also breaking down rigid definitions and valuations of urban typologies.