Wax Jacks

Brigette Borders, David Kwon, Christo Logan
Fabrication Assistance: Charlie Able, Kerri Henderson, John Hooper, Teel Lassiter, Vernon Roether
Advisor: Phillip Anzalone

Wax Jacks was an installation done for GSAPP’s 2010 Alumni Weekend. With the directive of creating a large installation that could be broken up into parts and given to the attendees, the designers developed a shape that could be stacked in many configurations, but also exist as a sculptural object on its own. To push the concept of a “party favor” with a use, numerous tests casting, melting and burning beeswax led to the form becoming a candle that, when burned, would actually transfer the flame from each candle to the one below. The sculpture was installed and disassembled in a single day and never actually burned as a complete installation in order to preserve the individual favors.

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